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A look at the promotion of new forensics – Hair news release

I just love how things have changed in the forensic science arena. One can all of a sudden go from some preliminary studies on human hair protein analysis (aka amino acid content) and then take it on the road to … Continue reading

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Support The Innocence Project – Oppose #Junk #Forensic #Science in Court -See the Cases

THE SOLUTION COMES FIRST Support the Innocence Project efforts to educate US law enforcement, trial and appellate judiciary about the danger of junk bitemark forensic evidence. There are at least 3 university-based affiliates of the Innocence Project Network that are actively … Continue reading

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Efforts to rid court system of outdated and flawed forensic “expertise”

Old Convictions, New Science Texas tackles debunked forensics. This legislative process in Texas reflects how the monolithic (i.e huge) US criminal justice system “repairs” itself. I use the word “repair” very loosely in that people have to be injured, killed … Continue reading

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Forensics: What’s the world coming to? Now the FBI is saying their DNA lab calculations since 1999 are incorrect?

The tainted atmosphere surrounding forensic science in general and specifically in regards to the devastating FBI faux pas from their elite hair people is still bouncing around the media-verse. With that still happening,  the FBI now says their DNA population … Continue reading

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The Forensic Science Weekly: The strange, disturbing and “appalling.”

When the “elite” of the FBI fall from “grace.” Op-ed. I might also used the term “arrogant.” A recent news release states a new law enforcement think-tank-forensic-institute will “shore-up” hair comparisons and bitemarks.” This totally ignores the physical limitations of hair … Continue reading

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Faulty Forensic Science Failing US Court System – Op-Ed from Live Sciences

“Karen Kafadar is Commonwealth Professor and chair of the Department of Statistics at the University of Virginia and a member of the Forensic Science Standards Board. Anne-Marie Mazza is the director of the Committee on Science, Technology and Law of the … Continue reading

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Forensic experts take on the NAS concerns about fingerprint examiners’ disagreement.

Fingerprint Examiners Found to Have Very Low Error Rates {By a group of 109 government fingerprint experts Investigations into the reliability of fingerprint matches continues. This news release from a NIJ funded project states a strong position for its reliability … Continue reading

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FORENSICS | Review of questionable research on bite marks. US taxpayers’ $715,000 funded it.

In a recent post, I promised to do a review of this promised-to-be-published “paradigm proof” from a Marquette University news release which revealed a “silver bullet” forensic cure to bite marks’ spotty history. The caption for the news release is … Continue reading

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Forensics. The occasionally strange Top 2013 moments in Forensic Science according to the NFSTC

One is “fingerprint science comes to the kitchen.” All are undeniably positive.  ://www.nfhttpstc.org/top-10-forensic-science-stories-of-2013/ The NFSTC is a consortium of current and ex governmental employees and private parties that have a varied nexus with forensic science and law enforcement. Their affiliations … Continue reading

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