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Pediatricians suggest bitemarks only be used to establish whether adult, other child or animal cause of skin injuries

This piece, “AAP: Peds Serve as Primary Prevention for Child Abuse.”  comes from MedPage, a  respected online health resource, which is now briefing general physicians about the proper diagnosis of child abuse. They have just published a new report (updated from 2007) from the … Continue reading

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J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI legacy. What a veteran FBI crime lab whistle blower says about the “science” in forensics

J. Edgar Hoover’s legacy of “we always get our man” has a dark side. Dr. Frederick Whitehurst explains in this piece that, gut feelings, amateur research, cultural expediency and arrogance has been in the FBI’s DNA for decades. The Marshal Project … Continue reading

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I have been following this for a while. Things seems very unsettled at the new (2012) independent crime lab in the District of Columbia. After another audit, DNA lab work at DC crime lab is now suspended for 30 days … Continue reading

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A cure for Junk Science? US Forensic Sci Commission allows access to draft recommends. Wants public feedback by MAY 15

Please peruse the NCFS portal link where such things as “forensic reform” of forensic ethics, forensic testimony language, rules of forensic discovery, etc are available via links. This is a total data dump forcing public “stake-holders” to wade into this package … Continue reading

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Case highlights harmful impact of flawed FBI hair testimony

Originally posted on Wrongful Convictions Blog:
The Guardian has effectively put a human face here on the tragedy of the FBI’s admission this week that its agents presented flawed testimony in almost every trial in which they testified against criminal…

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Veteran DNA analyst’s editorial in the NYT about what brand of forensics are needed to prevent bogus forensic testimony

Eric Lander has been around a long time. His experience in criminal courts shows in this NYT letter. Article ========================================================== More on hair experts from the FBI scandal and their students. Read how their testimony in multiple cases, saying things … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Quick Clicks…

Originally posted on Wrongful Convictions Blog:
State of Mississippi to make pay outs in more than a dozen wrongful conviction cases Pennsylvania Innocence Project wins new trial for woman convicted 42 years ago on flawed arson science Charges dropped against…

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15 Forensic Scientists fired from government jobs – Cheating

This is what’s going on in New York’s state lab. There’s also a strange internal dispute about a new “controversial” DNA profiling method. Im looking for more info on that. Can anyone out there elaborate? NYT editorial letter about … Continue reading

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The dawn of US forensic science had a few peculiar bedfellows

  Taking at look at 1904 to the present regarding science and non-science accepted as such. Includes SBS, phrenology, eugenics, gun powder, bullet lead, ear prints, fiber, bitemark and hair matchers. Law professors Saks and Koehler urge that its “time … Continue reading

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“CSI is a Lie” and the Innocence Project’s video response to questionable and faulty US forensics and police labs

The Innocence Project’s Chris Fabricant, the Director of Strategic Litigation, presents its determination to lead and support forensic reform in the US Criminal Justice Systems. US Senator Blumenthal has choice words for bitemark analysts. The scope of the piece is … Continue reading

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