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Forensics: Lie detector flimflam in the US πŸ€―

No better than guessing. Still in use by you know who.

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Forensics: How a one week training course can make you a blood pattern expert. Bitemarkers do it in 2 days.

Judges still can’t figure out what is junk testimony. Take a look at the history of the spatter experts rise to fame. The bite people only needed Ted Bundy to become famous crime-fighters.

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Forensics: Murderous felines devour human remains at research site.

I always wondered what happened to granny. πŸ’€πŸ˜Ύ

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#Forensics: open-access forensic science information sources. Its FREEπŸ˜€

This cite contains forensics-related articles, books and databases. Impressive.

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#Forensics: Police crime labs looking worse and worse.Β 

Hiding evidence? Never….almost.

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#Forensics Getting Better. Ultrasensitive protein method ( might) let scientists ID someone from a single strand of hair | Science | AAAS

Heavily shedding criminals, beware β€” Read on

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#Forensics: learn something abiut voodoo/conjure and hoodoo – Happy Halloween

Love these OA articles! This study contains good information about cultural aspects of certain crime scenes. Perfect for your day Day of the Dead festivities.

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#Forensics: Contextual bias influences and weak forensic testing results leads to jury overestimation of guilt

When police lab results are weak or ambiguous, juries commonly use non science circumstances to increase its value.

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#Forensics: Syrian Refugee Develops Dentistry Tech to ID Gender of War Victims

Finally, some legitimate research in the area of forensic dentistry. Kudos to Univ of Dundee and this young researcher. Syrian refugee Rawad Qaq has unveiled his Sex Calculator, which could help forensic scientists predict the sex of a skull. β€” … Continue reading

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Forensics: Decertified DNA mixture methods affected 1300 convictions in the US.

An in-house DNA mixture program that has been abandoned by the NYCME’s office gets a jaundiced review by an ex-DA judge. Unfortunately, the legal and political barriers to its effect on past convictions is left up to lawyers to consider. … Continue reading

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