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Crime experts go after Trump’s distain for rule of science and law in all things criminal

Criminology Leaders Assail Trump for Uniformed Policy Initiatives This multi-level rebuke covers: ( from the Crime Lab Report ) “In its statement [ASC] the board focused on the areas of immigration, crime trends, the federal government’s role in police reform, and “draconian … Continue reading

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The underbelly of science vs police science arguments in the News

A former D.C. public defender has written an Op-Ed on titled, “Corrupted Evidence: How the Department of Justice is Blocking Forensic Evidence Reform” “Junk Science? —Legal Experts Slam Reliability of Much Forensic Evidence in Criminal Trials” (Ground Report) Thanks … Continue reading

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Washington DC crime lab continues to coverup its law enforcement bungles

    Backstory before the story about guns walking away from the DC crime lab. After a sweetheart period with its “independence” from LEO management via its multi-million dollar facility up grade and hiring forensic scientist Max Houck to run … Continue reading

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Excellent Canadian article on problematic forensics

This is a great piece which echoes others involved in forensic science reform. One statement rings true regarding juries/judges having to interpret exaggerating and conflicting experts.

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Faulty Forensic Science Failing US Court System – Op-Ed from Live Sciences

“Karen Kafadar is Commonwealth Professor and chair of the Department of Statistics at the University of Virginia and a member of the Forensic Science Standards Board. Anne-Marie Mazza is the director of the Committee on Science, Technology and Law of the … Continue reading

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US Crime Lab woes = police indifference + weak budgets + slow results + privatization in some States

Just a  cross-section of today’s news feeds on the intersection of crime, crime labs, police and justice. Here are the issues. This entire state’s police force keeps ignoring rape kits. Article from West Washington State. The police and crime lab lost … Continue reading

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