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‘Science’ trying to teach science standards in research and publishing. Where’s the J of Forensic Sciences?

This is basic stuff, but after a recent  publishing dust-up at Science, a group of gate-keeping science editors and their affiliates constructed a spread sheet with descriptors on how to more ‘scientifically’ vette research and articles published within their respective communities,. … Continue reading

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How a death row exoneree got to be on a conviction integrity commission

How a death row exoneree got to be on a forensic integrity commission tasked to ferret out wrongful convictions.  Terrorism attack in Tunisia brings immediate forensic and law enforcement response from the UK. Local medical examiner for two counties investigated … Continue reading

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Don’t mistake the technique for its content.

Originally posted on Eye of the beholder:
You know the adage, “Don’t miss the forest for the trees”? Analogous to bitemark “experts” with their advanced software and photo enhancement technology claiming it’s “science”. The testimony of the seeming bitemark “expert”…

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There are some problems with India’s Forensic System : Bitemarks

This is awful. There were 4 suspects involved in a rape. One female. This policeman was identified from this bitemark. The rape was reported 15 days after the event. Conclusions are: “The victim’s statement and the corroborative scientific evidence ( … Continue reading

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The “Reverse CSI Effect” and imperfect aspects of LCN DNA ignored ; The Marshall Project

The best journalism on this subject I have so far seen in print. From the Marshall Project Comments: It describes the influence of DNA popularity with juries juries amounting to I call a “Reverse CSI Effect.” The original CSI effect (according … Continue reading

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A parable for battling forensic experts : Albert Einstein’s “stalker” named Philipp Lenard

Read about Einstein vs. Lenard at the The Raw Story This has a forensic ‘science’ connection, from a historical POV of long ago, but this quote………… “The story of Philipp Lenard reminds us that even scientists of the very highest caliber sometimes … Continue reading

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#Forensics : See how the monolithic US legal system responds to changes in DNA statistics

See a very complete analysis of the facts and the aftermath of the FBI crime lab recent revision of  its pop stats on DNA RMPs in this attached article. This is the classic example of forensic science updates that may/may … Continue reading

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UK Forensics : Innocence Project is putting a stop to wrongful convictions across the world

Donate to the Innocent Project California Innocence Project: Mississippi IP  New York IP  ======================================= “There is no question there are wrongful convictions all over the world. There’s no country that is free from wrongful convictions and no country that would … Continue reading

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Support The Innocence Project – Oppose #Junk #Forensic #Science in Court -See the Cases

THE SOLUTION COMES FIRST Support the Innocence Project efforts to educate US law enforcement, trial and appellate judiciary about the danger of junk bitemark forensic evidence. There are at least 3 university-based affiliates of the Innocence Project Network that are actively … Continue reading

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Forensics : Learn a bit about DNA and Criminal Justice : Its not what you may think. [cliche’]

Today Gerald Richardson talks about his six months of freedom after a bitemark aided conviction.  DNA exonerated him. How DNA Profiling Works – The Naked Scientist – [don’t worry its PG rated] PCR-DNA testing: Animated for educational ease. This next one is from … Continue reading

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