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New Ohio exoneration casts worries about a ‘Sessions Effect’ on criminal justice

E I’m just coining a turn to a familiar forensic science phrase, but US Attorney General Session’s cancelling the NCFS  (federal forensic forensics commission) has brought added attention to flawed  police science long advertised as being a legal certainty. It … Continue reading

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StingRay surveillance gets hit in court; Flawed forensics and legal outcomes

NEW YORK LEGAL AID SOCIETY dna NEWSLETTER July 19 2016 Federal judge suppresses evidence collected by warrantless StingRay cell-site simulator device in NY drug case. In his decision, U.S. District Judge William Pauley wrote: “Absent a search warrant, the Government may … Continue reading

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More problems with the US Medical Examiners System – Underfunding

Death investigation within Medical Examiner/Coroner system has always been the most underfunded in the Law Enforcement Organization (LEO) systems. The numbers of boarded med path people is seriously declining. Working in such conditions certainly does not create much enthusiasm despite … Continue reading

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The latest bitemark exoneration in VA raises the issue of what to do with other bitemark convictions

This editorial article speaks volumes about the the damage done to one man ( in his own words) and expands public concern about other criminal defendants in our Criminal Justice system during the 50 years of “judicially accepted” bitemark opinions … Continue reading

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Forensics: The role of social media as a watchdog on abuse of power and and imperfect science

I have significant experience listening (especially at the last AAFS meeting) and reading snide comments from mostly volunteering participants (commonly defensive) in the “forensic science reform” debate demeaning the “blog” aspect of journalistic reporting. My vocal response at the AAFS … Continue reading

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Forensic Error Rates: This is Scary about FBI facial recog database: 20% error rate

The article says the feds 547 million foto archive has had some successes. This writer throws this out this tidbit about facial “uniqueness.” Hope the feds have your portrait quality snaps. Some testing, however, indicates the fed system has a … Continue reading

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Thrifty Scot government looking for new customers for its spanking new crime lab

Taking a look at next year’s budget, and a $75M crime lab investment, the Scottish police chiefs are looking to offer their forensic services to other jurisdictions and customers. https://www.holyrood.com/articles/news/police-chiefs-keen-share-forensic-services-other-agencies-boost-income

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Forensics 101: The backlash of being a defense expert “for” OJ: from Michael Baden

This is a recent audio interview of Michael Baden who critiqued the prosecution’s pathology evidence in the OJ trial. Getting the cold-shoulder from police and colleagues is just one aspect of the toolkit of forensic “scientists” disliking debate regarding their methods. … Continue reading

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Flawed forensic testing has no boundaries: Long term testing scandal in Canada

“Sick Kids” is the nom-de-plume of the hospital providing chemical testing of drug and hair evidence. Somehow this report uses “clinical testing” as a substitute, rather than “forensic testing.” For years this hospital lab’s customers have been law enforcement related … Continue reading

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Bitemark president still wants bitemark brethren to go to court

Despite lacking any scientific bases to what they profess to be “scientific,” the new boss of the ABFO bitemark bunch waxes nostalgic about “standing with giants, ” gives lip service to the Tx Forensic Commission and then leaves his membership … Continue reading

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