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Exonerator Zellner relies on forensic advances to overturn Avery “MakingaMurderer” conviction

Kathleen Zellner is an exoneration machine as she has 17 victories, mostly in Illinois. You need to know she is an expert at ferreting out police and prosecutorial misconduct. I would say she wrote the book on it. AS of … Continue reading

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National Geographic blog ponders TV CSI versus on-the-street CSI

A writer with an industrial chemistry background as a few things to say about the reality of confusion surrounding the “Making of a Murder” documentary. She focuses on the blood evidence from the second murder and makes some good points. … Continue reading

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Judge hyper-sensitive to a “spot of DNA” transfer by police deemed no foul after investigation

Its just a blip of biology, according to the Scottish authorities and their reviewers. Here’s the gist of what took place but doesn’t explain why it took years to review…….is it  the prosecution looking bad? If you read the article, … Continue reading

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Bronx court sets boundaries for crime lab techs’ testimony about methods and results

For decades, a defendant’s right to confront his accuser (6th Amendment) has been extended to certain types of “accusations” from forensic testers and their opinions supporting the Prosecution’s case. This is an update based on a defense demand that all … Continue reading

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Oh dear, a defense attorney wants to use a bitemark to counter cold case DNA

A criminal defendant’s attorney says a bitemark on a victim in a 27 year old murder is not his client’s teeth mark but someone else’s. The DA wisely isn’t using any junk bitemark opinions as there is ample DNA to identify the … Continue reading

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The Fallacy of Forensic Uniqueness in Ballistics gets dented in DC

  So, here is a DC judge calling out the VERY popular bullet casing matching process promulgated by the FBI around the US for decades. The theory of a striker or a firing pin leaving a toolmark which is identifiable … Continue reading

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Houston crime lab needs to look into its bitemark experts’ current casework

The inquiry of the Texas Forensic Science Commission on bitemark evidence casework has opened a window into over 30 cases involving this debunked use of skin injuries purported to be like fingerprints. What’s unsaid are data about any current cases … Continue reading

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Typical Forensic brewhaha happening in Denmark over who is in charge of MH 17 disaster

Will wonders never cease when it come to political forensic science. It should be a topic in school. Awhile back, a forensic expert from the Russian-assisted shootdown of MH17 got canned by this Danish security minister who just got slapped … Continue reading

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Forensics : A learning point on how the Avery case shows little presumption of innocence

If the Steven Avery case(s) shows anything positive, it is the revelation how jury decisions of guilt are predominatantly preconceived before testimony ever begins. This then is reinforced as the prosecution proceeds with their evidence.

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Forensics : Details of trace evidence obtained in child murder/abuse case in Canada

The only thing the defense could get in rebuttal was that the CSI tech didn’t “test” every object available at the crime scene residence. Its a hint that the CSI could have missed some exculpable evidence usable for the defense’s … Continue reading

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