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NIJ Forensics 2018: page 10 deprecates exonerations from criminal convictions aided by unvalidated methods

The US federal look on the forensic issues relating to convictions of innocent defendants is on page 10. Its mostly platitudes and clearly misdirects the reader to consider that stats used by innocence litigators are flawed. The article’s mainstays are, … Continue reading

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Forensics: Non-destructive cytology used to ID crime specimens before DNA testing

This looks to optimize the recognition of crime scene biological samples prior to performing high cost DNA analysis.

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Science versus police forensics’ “reasonable medical certainty” mythology.

  For those unaware, the cop forensics use of “individualization” for pattern-matchers ain’t science. These authors explain why in simple terms for all of us.

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Bias in Cop and Forensic Investigations …….

              …….reads like my first 10 years of training from the bitemarkers at the ABFO.

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