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Forensics: let’s hear it for another biased and messed up Jack the Ripper case

This time its the Journal of Forensic Sciences that gets the gong for publishing a one-sided example of fumbled assumptions and disconnected exaggerations abt mitochondrial DNA.

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Forensics: Revealing the effects of politics tainting forensic science

The sociology of police crime labs is thoroughly disclosed in this short article. Max Houck recognizes the 10 year old NAS Report and he offers some improvements. Tell that to the USDOJ. Again.

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Forensics: Decomp measurements linked to Post mortem interval..

Looking for answers in all the “right” places.

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Michigan Forensics: Legislation to create Forensic Science Commission

These authors have introduced a bill to establish a FSC in the US state of Michigan. The Texas FS Texas commission effectively delisted bitemarks four years ago. In both cases wrongful convictions will be continue to be revealed.

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Forensics: Botched digital measurements led to 11 years in prison. New trial ordered.

DAs expert used a fancy software program to analyze a robbery vid. He botched it. The perp is short. This man is 6’3″. A jailhouse snitch lied during his trial. The DA was mute during all of it.

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Forensics: Hearings | Hearings & Legislation | House Committee on Science, Space and Technology

Hearings | Hearings & Legislation | House Committee on Science, Space and Technology — Read on Best minds in the business. Mostly female. Quite nice.

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Forensics: In depth look at bogus pattern-matching police labs. Stinson bitemark exoneration compared to toolmark conviction under appeal in Colorado’s Genrich case.

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Forensics Australia gets low marks from a senior judge

Unreliability of forensic experts gets serious attention from a high level jurist. Some of this started in California’s bitemark case of Bill Richards. @CA_Innocence.

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Forensics disaster in the UK. Looking at £s wasted and evidence lost

Take a close look at this one. Government “savings” turned into a mayhem of chaos since the 2012 closure of the FSS. Dont talk to police or politicians abt forensics.

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