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Forensic Science International – Some esoteric, others inconclusive and some suggestive.

Review Article Multifarious applications of atomic force microscopy in forensic science investigations GauravPandey, MaithriTharmavaram, DeepakRawtani, Sumit Kumar, Y. Agrawal  Research Articles Toxicological investigation of forensic cases related to the designer drug 3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV): Detection, quantification and studies on human metabolism … Continue reading

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Objections and questions on the feds taking over total management of US forensic science standards

Date:  March 14, 2017 Re:  Comments Concerning Proposed Office of Forensic Science within the DOJ To: AAFS Board of Directors From the following AAFS Jurisprudence Section members: Peter Neufeld Barry Scheck Christine Funk Hon. Christopher Plourd Hon. Pam King Hon. … Continue reading

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Fifty years of teaching Scientific Forensics in US Law Schools – More is needed

Forensics and criminal law are subjects that are increasingly being included in mainstream legal training in the US. There are prestigious law schools that have risen to the challenges that, to some of us, seems obvious. Major changes have occurred … Continue reading

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Its time for AAFS members to wake up and respond to this US #Forensic legislation

The AAFS [American Academy of Forensic Science: http://www.aafs.org%5D previously requested comments whether it should support the new legislation proposed by consortium of forensic science organizations (CFSO) creating an office of forensic science within the Department of Justice, within the Center … Continue reading

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Forensics: More crime lab scandals: This time DUI results in Denver

This is from Joe who commented to this blog: Thousands of Colorado DUI convictions could be in doubt amid forgery allegations: Colorado lawyers specializing in drunken-driving cases are questioning the validity of thousands of convictions after a technician who certified … Continue reading

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Right to confront prosecution forensic expert now costs defendants $600

NC hates to send their forensic lab experts to court to attest to their labwork and experience the joy of cross-examination. That’s since Melendez- Diaz happened in 2009. It threw crime lab techs into court to authenticate and defend their … Continue reading

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Forensic Anthro: Computation look at the human pubis for aging unknown remains

There’s always room for a little humor, right? Taking a new look at the changes over time of the two pubic bones. Fundamental work in the pre-digital era done by forensic anthropologist Judy Suchey at the U of Fullerton in … Continue reading

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Forensics in NY State: Police fail to pursue rape testing regulations

They must be doing  ‘broken windows’ surveillance instead. A recent NY Division of Criminal Justice Services report shows that 220 of 586 police and prosecutorial agencies have missed a February reporting deadline for providing information about untested sexual assault evidence … Continue reading

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Forensics: “Massive parallel” DNA meant to map twin suspects’ entire code to ID perp

This is looking for a needle in the genomic haystack in order to tell identical twins apart. Actual rape case where genomic mapping looking for chromosomal mutations playing a huge role. The commercial German lab’s methods appears to have had … Continue reading

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A short look at what the Feds don’t like about Science and Forensics

The application of measurement (metrology) science is well established in the basic sciences. In essence it is the collection of physical data and the study of best methods to improve precision of methods. This paper has a well known fingerprint … Continue reading

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