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Forensics: Dangers of Facial Recognition platforms. A study

These programs are not “objective evidence” for police suspicion that you are a crook.

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Forensics: Forensic Dental ageing expert claims his claims of “science” shouldn’t be the only method. Why use it at all?

For years, these dentists have inappropriate claims of high percentages of accuracy to their adult versus juvenile ageing methods which they present in US immigration courts. This WaPo article summarizes how the federal controlled courts and prosecutors continue to use … Continue reading

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Forensics: Decertified DNA mixture methods affected 1300 convictions in the US.

An in-house DNA mixture program that has been abandoned by the NYCME’s office gets a jaundiced review by an ex-DA judge. Unfortunately, the legal and political barriers to its effect on past convictions is left up to lawyers to consider. … Continue reading

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Forensic experts identifying war and disaster victims

There is not enough funding to do this properly. Volunteers are commonly not reimbursed. Politicians ignore the dead.

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Looking at the ashes of human and animal bones – Calgary Triple Murder -#AAFS2017

Testifying in a Canadian murder trial, a long time dentist says this is a human baby (deciduous) tooth. Any comments out there about his opinion? News article with tweets about the case.

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