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“Almost junk forensic science” of blood spatter expertise – Its not as simple as it’s taught in class

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Here is a good look at why “forensics” should be considered amateur-hour non-science in many jurisdictions. Article goes within a conviction that had the same cop being the…

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Forensics: regulating junk forensic expertise continues in Texas; other states lagging; from ‘Grits for Breakfast’

Top 10 junk forensic sciences challenged in Texas In the wake of the Forensic Science Commission declaring blood-spatter evidence in a 30-year old murder case “not accurate or scientifically supported,” Texas has lately again been getting deserved credit as a national leader on forensic … Continue reading

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Forensic tap-dancing at its best Crime Lab Director Says Too Busy to Search for Forensic Science Errors R. Scott MoxleyJuly 11, 2018 Illustration by Bill Hunt Bruce Houlihan enjoys puzzles, but the Orange County Crime Lab director is purposely failing to solve one of … Continue reading

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Incompetent Forensics: Using DNA to identify incarcerated immigrant children

Trump’s ICE minions claim detained immigrant records were lost. Others contend they never existed. Massive DNA testing may now insue. Flubber-headed use of forensics by this org is clearly ludicrous.

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