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The Innocence Project takes on a DA with complaint to the NY Bar; DAs hate the idea of having any oversight to protect the public

The NY Innocence Project is using the traditional means of complaining about a district Attorney involved with one of their client’s exoneration case. Bar associations have long been used for this and historically, are ineffective in doing anything.  The California … Continue reading

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Forensics: Another expert with 40 hours of training recants his own testimony

. Blood-Spatter Expert in Joe Bryan Case Says “My Conclusions Were Wrong” The expert whose testimony was key to Bryan’s conviction for his wife’s 1985 murder says he now believes that some of his techniques were incorrect. His admission comes … Continue reading

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Forensics: Another bogus method from the bitemarkers. Ageing children as adults for ICE

Since this article came out in May, 2018, I have been swamped from pro bono immigration law firms representing children  held in adult custody over claims made by members of the bitemarker bunch the American Board of Forensic Odontology.  These … Continue reading

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Forensics: Mississippi courts stilled inured to junk pathologist opinions : Jeff Havard and the Shaken Baby Myth

Mississippi judges need a refresher course on what “medical scientific certainty” doesn’t mean. They continue to bow down to the opinions of a disgraced, non-certified, self-centered pathologist who still stalks their halls of justice. This court level jurist calls Steven … Continue reading

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In Las Vegas, Embattled Forensic Experts Respond to Scandals and Flawed Convictions

Has forensics moved forward in 2 years since thus was posted by The Intercept? Retrenchment of government resistance still doesn’t recognize forensic weaknesses and forensic flim flam. Courts are very inconsistent in their “gatekeeping.” Post conviction litigation about junk forensics … Continue reading

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Scotland Yard Suspends Forensic Scientist Amid Fears 21 Rape Cases Could Be Compromised

The UK Forensic Regulator recently has warned the government about budget cuts creating sub standard crime lab oversight. Scotland Yard Suspends Forensic Scientist Amid Fears 21 Rape Cases Could Be Compromised — Read on

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Forensics: Fire-science getting the cold shoulder again in Texas

Lentini memo on arson science. John Lentini’s narrative about TX bureaucrats pulling back from scientific advances in arson investigation produced after Todd Willingham’s execution based on flawed forensics.

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Forensics: Targeting DA immunity for misdeeds and suborning perjury.

  Innocence Project Files Complaint Against Prosecutor in Anthony Wright Case In August 2016, Innocence Project client Anthony Wright was acquitted of a 1991 rape and murder that DNA evidence proved he did not commit. After being wrongly incarcerated for … Continue reading

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Scientific Terminology Explained | Forensic Science in North Carolina

If you’d like to learn more about scientific terminology, Duke Law student Logan Johnson interviewed toxicologist Dr. Jay Gehlhausen about terminology that attorneys might encounter when reviewing scientific evidence. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between reproducibility and … Continue reading

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