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Trumpers rally at Mar-a-Largo after FBI warranted search. Demographics look to be people on Medicare creating confusion regarding their mental health.

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Forensics: Native Repatriation Money. MU Museum of Anthropology awarded $100,000 grant to identify Native American remains

MU researchers have been awarded a $100,000 grant to work with Missouri’s Native American tribes to identify ancestral remains that belong to them. — Read on

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Forensics: 1/6 riot committee digging deep into Secret Service erased texts

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Forensics: A past center for racist and bogus research, an Ivy League university set to rebury skulls of Black people kept for centuries

University of Pennsylvania houses remains at Penn Museum, where they form a collection once used to justify white supremacy — Read on

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Forensics : Prosecutors await forensic analysis in Alec Baldwin shooting – ABC News

A New Mexico prosecutor says her office will decide whether criminal charges will be filed in the fatal film-set shooting of a cinematographer by actor Alec Baldwin once the investigation is complete — Read on

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Forensics: # NamUS needs funding! Families concern for Missing in Colorado plan Event for August 13, 2022

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) will host the Missing in Colorado event at the Lowry Conference Center (1061 Akron Way, Bldg. 697, Denver, CO), — Read on

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Forensics: More junk toxicology testing affects many criminal cases. Texas Forensics Lab Loses Its License After Probe

The Texas For Sci Commission at work. A Texas laboratory is facing questions with regulators about its work in a sexual assault case out of Pennsylvania. — Read on

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Forensics: Bitemark junk science will send a man to his execution on Aug 17. A New Book Exposes Junk Science.

On Wednesday in Austin, the head of the Texas Forensic Science Commission will interview the author of the latest forensic-science takedown. — Read on

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Forensics: Shaken-Baby Cases Rely on ‘Junk Science,’ New Jersey Judge Says

The pediatric neurosurgeon who first popularized shaken-baby syndrome has doubts about how it is used in courtrooms today. — Read on

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Forerensicd: Body of man tortured by Russians found in Bucha district police

VALENTYNA ROMANENKO – SUNDAY, 31 JULY 2022, 14:19 The body of a civilian tortured by aggressors was found in the Bucha district of Kyiv Oblast. Source: Kyiv Oblast police Quote from Andriy Niebytov, Chief of Kyiv Oblast Police: “The body … Continue reading

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