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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.

Forensics: As usual, lawyers influencing “rules” on decision-making truly are ignorant

Forensics, Justice, and the Case for Science-Based Decision Making The US Department of Justice ran this show.  Simon Cole at the U of Irvine writes a clear expose’ (at the above link) on the details of a newly adopted series … Continue reading

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Forensics: Why bitemark matching is a pseudoscience. Courts need to pay attention.

  This article is about the collision between legitimate forensic science versus bitemark “science” poseurs and the resulting damage to the US justice system. Review of a Forensic Pseudoscience. (accepted manuscript). Much thanks to Elsevier ScienceDirect publisher Alexander Smith  and Journal of Forensics … Continue reading

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Forensics: A look at DNA transfer at crime scenes says special training needed due to highly variable interpretations

This pay-for-view article at FSI Genetics should be made free-share for a certain period of time. Its focus on touch-DNA transfer interpretations suggests that the current opinions on DNA circumstances are suspect and standards are lacking. This is a very … Continue reading

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Forensics: Another example of Cop run DNA lab running against a forensic expert calling their “testing” unreliable.

Don’t ever think that police don’t exert terrific influence over supposed “independent” offices run by forensic pathologists and forensic scientists. This story started in 2016 when a NYC senior ME kicked back on an in-house DNA “experiment” that went into … Continue reading

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Forensics: Medical errors 3rd highest cause of death in the US.

This John Hopkins Institute study has a direct connection to inadequate death certification and CDC reporting capabilities. It was published in Tuesday

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Forensics connection to Kashoggi murder leads to Australian ‘observer’ autopsy training

(Unconfirmed photo from Twitter) It seems clear that this individual purported to be on the Khashoggi murder audio tape is a “Dr” of some sort. He popped up in Australia for a few months to get familiar with CT autopsies. … Continue reading

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Forensics: Another grassroots attempt to establish a Forensic Science Commission in Wisconsin. This paper written by PhD candidates. The LEO crime labs won’t like this intrusion on their domains. A 2005-2008 study suggesting similar went nowhere in the WI legislature.

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Forensics: Excuses for using inaccurate dental ageing methods fill this interview with University of Texas adjunct professor Dr. David Senn

The UT system made $16,000 so far this year from ICE cases involving children claiming to be children. The method is quite popular with the man hired to do it. He also considers ” bitemark matching” to be useful for … Continue reading

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Forensics: Unscientific, biased and exaggerated dental ageing in use by dentists hired by ICE

The subject of using the highly variable shapes of wisdom teeth to age asylum seeking immigrants claiming to be minors has been a recent topic of investigative reporters in the US and elsewhere in the world. Here’s how ICE sent … Continue reading

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Forensics: Of course the DA now says the bitemark opinion is meaningless. DNA, fingerprint analysis sheds no new light on Metro East woman’s 1978 murder, but lawyers will appeal other issues Deputy Sheriff Robert Henke leads John N. Prante from the East Alton courthouse after his conviction for murder in July … Continue reading

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