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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.

Forensic Science International – Some esoteric, others inconclusive and some suggestive.

Review Article Multifarious applications of atomic force microscopy in forensic science investigations GauravPandey, MaithriTharmavaram, DeepakRawtani, Sumit Kumar, Y. Agrawal  Research Articles Toxicological investigation of forensic cases related to the designer drug 3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV): Detection, quantification and studies on human metabolism … Continue reading

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Objections and questions on the feds taking over total management of US forensic science standards

Date:  March 14, 2017 Re:  Comments Concerning Proposed Office of Forensic Science within the DOJ To: AAFS Board of Directors From the following AAFS Jurisprudence Section members: Peter Neufeld Barry Scheck Christine Funk Hon. Christopher Plourd Hon. Pam King Hon. … Continue reading

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#CA12 Bill Richards sues San Bernardino as its DA controls state compensation board

Bill Richards also has years of medical neglect and medical malpractice by the California Department of Corrections and ‘Rehabilitation’ to deal with in addition to the incarceration compensation. Getting restitution from the state compensation board can still be  a non-starter and only allows … Continue reading

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Fifty years of teaching Scientific Forensics in US Law Schools – More is needed

Forensics and criminal law are subjects that are increasingly being included in mainstream legal training in the US. There are prestigious law schools that have risen to the challenges that, to some of us, seems obvious. Major changes have occurred … Continue reading

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Already in use in Germany, voice recognition software ID’s a person’s ethnicity?

Need some tips about the excessive hope in digital comparisons of a person’s language dialect? This has been going on in the EU for years. Linguist’s now use it for their opinions on refugee status. Who tests them for reliability? … Continue reading

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Turnaround times for rape kit testing are abysmal – Crime labs Forensics overloaded with drugs

Here’s a look at police crime labs around the US abilities to produce timely rape kit testing. One might infer that DNA testing of other crimes and the ‘war on drugs’ has sapped funding capabilities. I don’t hear the US … Continue reading

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Hair and Bite Marks back in the News as “Worst Forensic Evidence”

‘Junk forensic science’ topics continue to show up in the media in conjunction with the growing numbers of overturned convictions assisted by forensic experts. See: The Registry of Exonerations. Here’s a couple of recent articles.  The first talks about the … Continue reading

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Prosecutors knowingly screw things up after crime lab scandal tests their ethics

Nothing is more poignant than to talk to and read about exonerees who had to put up with malingering prosecutors who live their lives as if wrongful convictions do not exist. One might consider this California prosecutor the poster child for … Continue reading

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National Registry of Exonerations makes big plans for its’ future at UC Irvine

Thursday marked the official transfer of location of the NRE to the UC Irvine (CA) Newkirk Center for Science and Society. Here are a series of live streaming presentations that represent the purpose and future plans for the NRE. It … Continue reading

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Rudin on an “Office of Forensic Science”

Originally posted on Forensics Forum:
A comment on a proposal being considered by the CFSO – draft legislation that would create an Office of Forensic Science within the Department of Justice (here is a link to the draft as of…

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