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#IAFS $3 million dollar price tag for coroner mixup in burying wrong body in California

Man mistakenly buried in California body mix-up is exhumed This should make death investigators sit up and pay attention. “Matthew Eaton, an attorney for the Kerrigan and Dickens families, has filed complaints with the county seeking $3 million in damages. … Continue reading

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A Bravo for Christina Cattanero, leading identification expert for Euro migrants

Giving Dead Migrants a Name By pushing forensics to its limits, a courageous scientist is attempting to identify the badly decomposed remains of 700 people who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea Nearly unspeakable. 20,000 dead in 10 years. This anthropologist … Continue reading

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Talking forensic heads ignore the dental evidence in London tower disaster

The Grenfell Tower disaster.  The medical side of forensics talks about DNA being the cornerstone for potential identification. He does admit that teeth are highly resistant to total destruction in high temperature environments but misses the obvious dental identification material … Continue reading

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Further details about “possible” forensic investigation in Tuam mass graves in Ireland

Here we go with experts and some police ‘sources’ talking about the logistics of excavating graves and looking at DNA from the public as “references” for DNA extraction and profiling from the remains. Various directions need to be established. $$ … Continue reading

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Irish police refuse to investigate mass child graves regarding cause of death and abuse

The Irish Garda surely must have a soothsayer on call to predict the outcomes of exhuming hundreds of unidentified children. They have figured the deaths to have all been natural as it would be ‘difficult and highly unlikely’ to determine … Continue reading

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Missing in America: California’s premier Unidentified Persons Unit

US Stats: 4,000 unknown human bodies found each year. >1000 remain unidentified after one year. >40,000 human remains exist as ‘unidentified’ in the US. Missing person reports in CA now at 20,000. Unknown bodies in CA exceed 3,000. I recently … Continue reading

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Looking at the ashes of human and animal bones – Calgary Triple Murder -#AAFS2017

Testifying in a Canadian murder trial, a long time dentist says this is a human baby (deciduous) tooth. Any comments out there about his opinion? News article with tweets about the case.

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Russian #7K9268 shoot down victims’ DNA will be compared to family reference specimens : No odontology

Its strange that the Russian officials reportedly will not include odontology (forensic dentistry) in this human recovery event. Dentistry is included in forensic protocols throughout the world.  Considering the high fragmentation of the passengers and crew’s remains, the Russian government … Continue reading

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