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Forensics: Grits for Breakfast: Most crime labs accused innocent person in DNA mixture study

Grits for Breakfast: Most crime labs accused innocent person in DNA mixture study — Read on The dark side of the NIST DNA mis-identification report covered in my last blog. Subterfuge and disclaimers to quash use in court by … Continue reading

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Forensics: Runaway use of touch DNA by Prosecutors ignores it’s limitations and cautions.

Framed By Your Own Cells: How DNA Evidence Imprisons The Innocent Marina Medvin Tiny amounts of touch-transferred DNA have placed people at locations they had never visited and implicated people for crimes they did not commit. | Getty Images   … Continue reading

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Forensics: Another expert with 40 hours of training recants his own testimony

. Blood-Spatter Expert in Joe Bryan Case Says “My Conclusions Were Wrong” The expert whose testimony was key to Bryan’s conviction for his wife’s 1985 murder says he now believes that some of his techniques were incorrect. His admission comes … Continue reading

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Trump’s DOJ promises advancing good things for #Forensic #Science – #PCAST not so much

The governmental missives about improving forensics always gloss over or ignore what the NAS 2009 report and the 2016 PCAST report itemized as areas needing reform. Here we go: “The new guidance implements additional quality assurance measures based on science-informed … Continue reading

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Talking forensic heads ignore the dental evidence in London tower disaster

The Grenfell Tower disaster.  The medical side of forensics talks about DNA being the cornerstone for potential identification. He does admit that teeth are highly resistant to total destruction in high temperature environments but misses the obvious dental identification material … Continue reading

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Forensics is at the core of the London terror attack reconstruction

This very thorough article from Deutschland’s DW leads with the demands on crime scene methods in determining many of the events leading up to and occurring after the recent sad event in London.

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Do “Science People” in Forensics plan to #ScienceMarch on Earth Day?

  I haven’t run across any evidence that the April 22 March for Science national event has hit the radar of major US forensic organizations. The fact is that most members are local, state or federal employees. Certainly many call themselves … Continue reading

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Today’s #Forensic News around the Globe: Crime rate within crime labs increasing

From the archives. Smithsonian talks about the career of a very reclusive founding father of scientific approaches to trace evidence analysis who worked from 1929 to 1954. Some called him “Detective X.” Somehow he determined the ransom notes in the Lindberg kidnapping … Continue reading

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#Forensics: Cops rushing to force collection of fingerprints for iPhone quashed

A federal magistrate judge in Chicago recently denied the government’s attempt to force people in a particular building to depress their fingerprints in an attempt to open any seized Apple devices as part of a child pornography investigation. Ars technica

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#Forensic News for Today: Fabricated arson evidence, door knobs, familial DNA traits

This case is horrendous. Fabricated arson evidence used against a woman later acquitted of arson gets into court after appellate court opines this rule for the lower court to follow in her lawsuit against LEO authorities. “There must be persuasive … Continue reading

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