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Investigative Report: Inside reporters’ efforts in an exoneration case: Forensic Science

A triumvirate of Pulitzer-winning reporters spent years in supporting a victim of a misguided prosecution aided by willful misconduct by Chicago police. A retrospective article on what the reporters experienced with the wrongfully convicted Daniel Taylor, written by Maurice Possley, … Continue reading

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Forensic Testimony: Once again, exoneration cases support unreliability of experts trial opinions

Take some time (or more than one visit to get through the information) and follow this link (Forensic Testimony) to a greater understanding on why credibility for some forensic experts is waning or finally being extinguished. The chart posted above … Continue reading

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Interesting backstory on DA Craig Watkins case

Bad blood in the judges chambers about plan to “serve up Watkins on a silver platter” for the FBI.

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More on Dallas DA Craig Watkins

His Conviction Integrity Unit in action. Shown on the Discovery Channel.

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Craig Watkins, the Dallas DA, gets rid of contempt accusations

Watkins is noted for his efforts to expand pre and post conviction review of cases in Dallas County Texas. In this instance, a local judge and a political opponent (think JR Ewing) tried to discredit him with a bogus hearing … Continue reading

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Forensic Testimony: NY state examiner fails to look at all available evidence

The defense is critical about a NYSP DNA examiner’s decision to ignore evidence containing “known” multiple profiles. The “known” info comes from police investigators. It’s obvious the crime lab and the examiner are collaborating rather than separate entities.

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Forensic Testimony: DNA used to convict

A state’s forensic examiner takes the stand saying the defendant’s DNA profile excludes “everyone else in the world.”

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More on forensic science in China

New post: A deeper look into the conflicts in Chinese forensics.

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Forensics and political environments collide in China.

Forensic science (testimony) and political environments collide in China. The issues are similar to problems in the US.

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Chicago’s Judicary and Political Machine delays exoneration progress

Chicago’s machine politics invades the criminal justice system. Outside influences used to prevent or at least delay ex mayor Daley Jr. from giving courtroom testimony. The case in point deals with litigation aiming to release an imprisoned victim of long … Continue reading

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