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Examples where Forensic language and the media lead to misinformation and confusion for juries.

How things have changed? The term “similar’ used in fiber analysis case. http://www.forensicmag.com/news/2015/06/forensic-scientist-testifies-fibers-victims-hair-similar-distant-carpet But then another case uses “unique” to describe a broken car headlight. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/forensic-expert-certain-car-on-cctv-belonged-to-sheffield-man-accused-of-murder-1-7305526 What the “CSI effect looks like on “Bones” TV show. Accuracy in forensics not a … Continue reading

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Judge tosses out two types of DNA evidence used regularly in criminal cases

Judge tosses out two types of DNA evidence used regularly in criminal cases – Forensics in Focus EXCLUSIVE: Justice Mark Dwyer has ditched the results of low copy number DNA testing and Forensic Statistical Tool from the cases of Andrew … Continue reading

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Forensic Testimony: Once again, exoneration cases support unreliability of experts trial opinions

Take some time (or more than one visit to get through the information) and follow this link (Forensic Testimony) to a greater understanding on why credibility for some forensic experts is waning or finally being extinguished. The chart posted above … Continue reading

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An Exoneration and Outdated CSI Forensics Equals a BAD Day for Two Forensic Science Experts

The topic of personal liability for forensic expert witnesses has been around for a couple of decades. I am not talking about an expert being sued by his/her client for negligent actions in the course of the employment (traditionally this … Continue reading

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PRESS RELEASE: San Diego man talks about his case-ending exoneration

This is the first information regarding the comments from Uriah Courtney regarding his years in jail and attitude regarding his wrongful conviction. Another notable story is the CIP co-director Justin Brooks and a San Diego DA, Brent Neck’s comments about … Continue reading

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DNA overturns CA conviction which relied on victim influenced by law enforcement

Above is a picture of Uriah Courtney walking out of prison into the arms of his parents. The California Innocence Project at Cal Western Law School is holding a press conference today on the outcome of their efforts to exonerate … Continue reading

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The use of DNA from bite marks takes casework, status and money from ABFO dentists

The AP article (use your search engine for “bite marks” and “unreliable”) in June 2013 suggested that the bite mark dentists of the American Board of Forensic Odontology have been “supplanted by the more reliable science of DNA.” More recently, … Continue reading

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