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Speaking of Error in Forensic Science – adversarial system quashes honesty

Very short but profound talk about the differences between real science and ‘police-forensic science.” From a NIST meeting on Forensic Error. Lynn Garcia from the Texas Forensic Commission sums up the organic differences: “That culture of fighting and not giving … Continue reading

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From mere suggestion, to simple research, to accurate “forensics” in 2 days – Hair II

New Hair Testing Technique Can Accurately Predict a Criminal’s Personal Traits The time line of promoting forensic research into actual use in criminal investigation seems to be incredibly rapid when reading media reports. It all started on Tuesday with this … Continue reading

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Fifty years of teaching Scientific Forensics in US Law Schools – More is needed

Forensics and criminal law are subjects that are increasingly being included in mainstream legal training in the US. There are prestigious law schools that have risen to the challenges that, to some of us, seems obvious. Major changes have occurred … Continue reading

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Where forensic lab reports are not testimonial – Wisconsin

Apparently these judges in Wisconsin  believe through a circuitous logic that crime lab results are not available for cross-examination. Sometimes. They approved a pathologist to talk about a tox result at a hearing about cause of death. As is usually … Continue reading

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Bad forensic testing and testimony is no problem for this DA

A successful re-trial motion for a convicted murderer is getting a W.Va. DA to use his right of appeal. Making no inroads in the prosecutorial pantheon of notable literature, the DA says the original conviction was “finalized” in 1988. Full article … Continue reading

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Forensics: How a criminal defense expert got some bad news from a judge – “Not qualified”

Nothing but warning signals come out in this news article about a self-styled yet prior qualified (in other cases) DNA expert running into some trouble. The record states he admitted having no direct experience in using actual DNA profiling lab equipment. … Continue reading

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Great look at the start of forensic pathology, anthropology and dentistry in the US – 1849

Grisly stories about murder and dismemberment  is not just a recent occurrence. This is an incredibly well-documented case of identification of human remains that reflects what SHOULD be practiced in the US and elsewhere. I’m in the middle of a … Continue reading

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When the medical examiner seems to be, well, a bit off during his dotage, but still works.

Body of Evidence: Forgotten Forensics What’s clear are the DAs from this state acting as if  that they can “handle” an expert with arguably diminished memory. Wanna bet it depends if his opinion benefits their prosecution? I also doubt that … Continue reading

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A critical look at the Pistorius case and its phony forensic experts

From the NEWS HUB: excerpt: State witness Mangena- Not an expert at all Police captain Chris Mangena said Pistorius was standing on his stumps nearly three metres from a locked toilet door when he opened fire and killed his girlfriend. … Continue reading

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A lesson about scientific proofs vs. “causation beliefs” use in courts

This written appellate opinion sums up the challenge of “gatekeepers” (the judges) at the trial level filtering out expert witness bombast of opinion from actual scientific “causation.” The bombast in the forensic field of testimony can be seen in the … Continue reading

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