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Faulty Forensics Put Me on Death Row – VICE Video: Documentaries, Films, News Videos

Another look at bitemark “experts” running amok. Most people are introduced to forensic science through TV and film, and because of this we have come to see forensic techniques as foolproof methods for solving crimes. But many forensic science techniques … Continue reading

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Forensics: Over a million forensic hair cases need to be reviewed in Virgina

This story reveals that the obstacles and reluctance to review convictions aided by junk sciences can be overcome. State by state. Too bad the bitemarker bunch ( ) refuse to make good their promises to do this in Texas. A … Continue reading

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Forensics: When do District Attorneys refuse to test DNA? When the test could be paid by the incarcerated.

This story is from Florida. It could be from any state in the US. DAs always roll towards preserving their convictions. This makes platitudinous statements about “justice” from Attorney Generals and their deputies  hollow, pathological mythomania.

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Forensics: Harvard murder from 50 years ago. New DNA shows just how wrong initial investigators’ theories can be

  This is is commonly what happens once DNA testing is done AFTER a conviction. One of the problems is the cost of post conviction testing that has to be borne by the Innocence Project and other innocence litigators. Donate … Continue reading

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Forensics: A response to Trump’s DOJ unabated lies about science and criminal justice

This is written by Betty Lane DesPortes of past AAFS president fame. It is short and to the point. The USDOJ brought out DAG Rosenstein unleashed a load of clap-trap straight from the Inquisition’s Star Chamber. Thanks to Sci Direct … Continue reading

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Forensics: As usual, lawyers influencing “rules” on decision-making truly are ignorant

Forensics, Justice, and the Case for Science-Based Decision Making The US Department of Justice ran this show.  Simon Cole at the U of Irvine writes a clear expose’ (at the above link) on the details of a newly adopted series … Continue reading

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Forensics: Why bitemark matching is a pseudoscience. Courts need to pay attention.

  This article is about the collision between legitimate forensic science versus bitemark “science” poseurs and the resulting damage to the US justice system. Review of a Forensic Pseudoscience. (accepted manuscript). Much thanks to Elsevier ScienceDirect publisher Alexander Smith  and Journal of Forensics … Continue reading

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