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More judges and DAs bail on opportunity to exclude bitemarkers “identification” bogus opinions.

Who ever said science and law have a common ground of knowledge? Not in this case and others still pending with lawyers arguing guilt is proven by practitioners of their unsubstantiated offerings of “medical certainty.”

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Chris Fabricant of the IP talks about judges avoiding science in the courtroom

“At some point, we have to acknowledge that precedent has to be overruled by scientific reality.” Some of that science — analysis of bite marks, latent fingerprints, firearms identification, burn patterns in arson investigations, footwear patterns and tire treads — … Continue reading

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Junk Online Journals Abound on the Internet – Predatory Intent

Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers This list published by ‘Jeffrey Beale‘ is endless. Every year he publishes it gets longer. Incredible. It goes on for pages and pages.

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Another bitemark conviction vacated due to DNA and dentist recant. 

The number of bm aided cases overturned by DNA approaching 30 in the US.

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Crime experts go after Trump’s distain for rule of science and law in all things criminal

Criminology Leaders Assail Trump for Uniformed Policy Initiatives This multi-level rebuke covers: ( from the Crime Lab Report ) “In its statement [ASC] the board focused on the areas of immigration, crime trends, the federal government’s role in police reform, and “draconian … Continue reading

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Feds reluctant to address their wrongful convictions. 2000 exonerations prove some DAs are not.

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Taking Science Out Of Forensics is Wrong: Erin Murphy

With prosecutors and police officers in control, expect more wrongful convictions. Read about their sketchy history of mistakes and blatant denial of responsibility  for wrongful convictions. 

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#CA12 Bill Richards sues San Bernardino as its DA controls state compensation board

Bill Richards also has years of medical neglect and medical malpractice by the California Department of Corrections and ‘Rehabilitation’ to deal with in addition to the incarceration compensation. Getting restitution from the state compensation board can still be  a non-starter and only allows … Continue reading

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Hair and Bite Marks back in the News as “Worst Forensic Evidence”

‘Junk forensic science’ topics continue to show up in the media in conjunction with the growing numbers of overturned convictions assisted by forensic experts. See: The Registry of Exonerations. Here’s a couple of recent articles.  The first talks about the … Continue reading

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Fighting “unique” toolmark testimony with science and an amicus brief

Much like bitemark “identification” “In this case, a toolmark “expert” testified against James Genrich by assuring the jury that several of Genrich’s tools made purportedly unique marks on fragments of the bombs recovered from the crime scene, “to the exclusion … Continue reading

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