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Forensics: Florida’s House passes forensic analysis reform for convicted felons

This bill forces the state to access the police national DNA database when post conviction forensic testing reveals an unknown profile. HB 7077 would make forensic tests more accessible to convicted felons. — Read on

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Forensics: DNA decontamination of fingerprint brushes

Interesting, since low count DNA testing now is derigeur in police crime labs. DNA decontamination of fingerprint brushes – In The Loop — Read on

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Forensics: DNA contamination personified in this case from Australia.

In the US, prosecutors in San Diego investigated the lab worker whose DNA was mixed up in the crime scene samples. He later committed suicide. This case in AU has similar DNA problems.

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Forensics: Trumps DNA is the center point in 1990’s rape accusation embedded in defamation lawsuit. 

Delaying justice is a common tactic throughout his administration.

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Forensics: 1984 murder charge of crime labber now described as lab error. 

Those DAs in San Diego are relentless. They’ve ignored this for decades. Crime lab guy suicided before trial. DNA never lies. Right?

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#Forensics: Unreliable experts in Australia unfortunately sound all too familiar. 

Very good look at how lack of proper legal rules let the bitemarkers and other court experts run rampant. Of course those who attended a recent @NIST forensics symposium were insulted by the scientists who reached the same conclusions.

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#Forensics: How DNA transfer is affected by “shedder” status. 

Any assumption that a DNA mixture can prove who was and wasn’t the perp gets clobbered in this study. Some people shed (i.e. leave) DNA more than others.

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#Forensics: Cop DUI machines busted. 

…..and the police want to do their DNA rapid and inhouse. Yikes.

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#Forensics: 16 minutes on DNA profiling, the good and the bad. From Dan Krane in Ohio

The opponents (i.e. prosecutors) to Dan’s methodology say that standards for minimum sample size and commercial profiling companies testing for inconsistencies and unreliabilities are not necessary. Of course they do.

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#Forensics #DNA U.S. Takes Step to Require Asylum-Seekers’ DNA

Similar to building walls in Colorado? The Trump administration ignores US untested rape specimens and will collect DNA samples from asylum-seekers and add the information to a massive FBI database. Trump and the GOP continue to protray undoc immigrants as … Continue reading

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