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Incompetent Forensics: Using DNA to identify incarcerated immigrant children

Trump’s ICE minions claim detained immigrant records were lost. Others contend they never existed. Massive DNA testing may now insue. Flubber-headed use of forensics by this org is clearly ludicrous.

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Forensics: Non-destructive cytology used to ID crime specimens before DNA testing

This looks to optimize the recognition of crime scene biological samples prior to performing high cost DNA analysis.

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Cop Forensic Fail – DNA collection compliance sketchy to non-existent

This is in South Carolina. Police in each county are mandated to collect from suspected felons. Some do and some don’t. Here’s why data collection by law enforcement should contain large numbers of profiles in order to have proper racial … Continue reading

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Battle for freedom in another bitemark conviction heats up – DNA evidence from crime scene including murder weapon #AAFS

The John Kunco case in Pennsylvania goes back in my case archives for over 12 years. Early in Mr. Kunco’s post conviction appeals, the opinions of two famous bitemark experts ( at least as far as they are concerned ) … Continue reading

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Molecular determining Time of Death (TOD) gets some News – #AAFS #Forensics

All of this is very interesting, but is not yet ready for Prime Time by any means. Humoral changes after death are many and extremely varied. Of course, DNA structures are now being looked at the University of Perth, Australia, … Continue reading

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UK judicial system seems to be strangling on budget cuts and court closures

Of course , this is just the tip of the iceberg, as Internet savvy barristers talk about being pressured to accept cases for very little reimbursement. Automation in scheduling appearances, testimony and adjudication by non-lawyers in petty cases describes a … Continue reading

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Another bitemark conviction vacated due to DNA and dentist recant. 

The number of bm aided cases overturned by DNA approaching 30 in the US.

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Time Since Intercourse (TSI) 48 and 15 hours. 

Vaginal and oral sites

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Big Business takes over personal rights of clients to “Help you find your family”

Well, I guess I can forget about sending my saliva sample for genealogy purposes. Here are the disclosures of where your DNA goes and what to expect when the police start asking questions.

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Genetic phenotyping described as an “identification” in Jogger Murder case.

The phenotyping part isn’t an ‘identification.’ Suspect in Mass. Jogger Killing Caught by Advanced DNA, License Plate Number Written on Detective’s Hand.   

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