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More on the physical evidence from Ferguson from WaPo

This opinion includes graphics and an observation that protestors and others don’t seem to care what the forensic evidence suggests and affirms.

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#Forensics in Michael Brown shooting : Chaos, uncertainty and confusion in the Press and now….Silence?

Summary and comment: The staid demeanor of most forensic science CSI shows and public conventions has been contradicted  by the explosion of news media coverage of forensics related to Michael Brown’s shooting in Ferguson, MO. Who says forensic scientists always … Continue reading

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#Forensics The trending myth of #science in Shaken Baby convictions

Another terrible example of non-research based forensic opinions. Download the official Twitter app here Sent from my iPhone

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#Forensics DNA and Amanda Knox case. Defense perspective

Nothing more compelling than crime scene DNA. Problems occur when the cops cannot find any at first. Then do a poor job collecting it. And then the prosecution continues regardless.

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#Forensics When experts retaliate against scientific critics

This is just one very public example of desperate folks who dislike hearing colleagues legitimate opinions on forensic reform. Other examples are more sneaky.

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#Forensics A story about science vs those who pretend science.

This is the case that destroyed the reputation of a forensic method long considered suspect outside the realm of the American Academy of Forensic Science.

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#Forensics : Dr. Michael Baden’s recent interview on the ballistic and path evidence in #Ferguson shooting

Baden does not quote his last week’s testimony given to the Ferguson grand jury. But, not surprisingly, he lays out statements regarding his findings and opinions. Thus is the latitude of forensic experts. You have to endure some commercial interludes at … Continue reading

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Exonerations in the US : Another example of the Innocence Project Network’s Good Work

Michael Hanline’s Conviction Reversed – Release Expected Monday by MIKE SEMANCHIK on Nov 18, 2014 • 7:20 pm California Innocence Project Client’s Conviction Reversed After 36 Years Longest Wrongful Incarceration in California History – First of the California 12 To … Continue reading

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Junk Forensic Science Personified in the Media : Most Popular Theme of Forensics in Focus

This blog has arrived at 10,500 hits! Its growth seems to be almost exponential since I started FiF a couple years ago. It can’t be a coincidence that this year’s top theme in FiF (determined by WordPress) has to do … Continue reading

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#Forensics and #Crim #Law : Self deluded US Federal courts and Prosecutors still ignore #Junk #Science

There is no better judicial micro-climate than Mississippi to study the self-contradictory and illegitimate misuse of unvalidated forensic opinions in the US. This story describes dubious forensic sciences experts and their untestable methods continuing to be used in courts. No … Continue reading

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