Junk Forensic Science Personified in the Media : Most Popular Theme of Forensics in Focus

This blog has arrived at 10,500 hits! Its growth seems to be almost exponential since I started FiF a couple years ago.

It can’t be a coincidence that this year’s top theme in FiF (determined by WordPress) has to do with junk forensic science. Those readers who regularly view my posts won’t be surprised either. The netherworld of forensics vs non science “forensics” has been readily available in my postings and comments. Major news sources (AP, WP, The Verge, The New York Times, The Daily Mail, etc) have picked up on the perimeter of  “the darkside” of self interest and the culture of impunity that exists in corners of organized forensics like the AAFS. But some journalists might not realize this corner is occupied by very few when compared to the thousands of professional and scientifically trained members of the AAFS and other groups. I am not applauding the AAFS’ resistance and blind eye to public safety dangers of these one percenters types. 1%’ers always cause the most trouble. In the judicial system, this “trouble” is mis-identification and faulty conviction of the innocent and the damage of wrongful convictions in lost freedom and executions.

The “poster child” of active forensic methods undeserving of its presence in forensic circles has had a rough year. The irony is its continued presence at forensic meetings and recognition by National Commission on Forensic Sciences (who appointed a study group chairman who then  put only one recognized researcher up against a cadre of pro-impression evidence ‘matching’ bitemark dentists joined by one crony.

The rough part has to do with the cases coming out in the press about their decomposition into irrelevancy and quackery.

Most popular post #1. An example of a recent case describing the ultimate story of scientific unreliabilty regardless of professional position, titles, degrees, and accolades. 

Most popular post #2. An ABFO mantra has always been, when you have no data, publish your conclusions FIRST.  Example of how dangerous forensic science “stays in court.” They publish untested theories as if fact/research  supported.  Which is NOT true. Their “system” of decision making for bitemarkers is listed as a paper at the next AAFS convention  in Feb 2015. The literal truth. No data.


Plus a few other topics related to forensics. I like this one.

Why waking up in a morgue isn’t quite as unusual as you’d think | Carla Valentine. “Premature burial” gives me the creeps along with Edgar Alan Poe when I was eight.

Famous Forensics case. Poison bottles and spectacles ‘owned’ by Dr Crippen go up for sale via  This American quack medicine MD went  to Britain and then went to failure and  execution as a convicted murder of his wife. Case notable for chases across the Atlantic and the use of Marconi’s wireless to alerts authorities in Nova Scotia. HUGE press in its day.





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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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