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50 Years of Judicially Determined BRADY Violations Against Prosecutors are Worthless

This op-ed from the HuffPost’s Radley Balko makes the case that prosecutorial misconduct is a factor in a majority of exoneration cases and exists in other criminal convictions.  The judicial and legal organizational responses to violations of Brady are nil. Legal … Continue reading

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The “equitable balance” of constitutional rights faces off with legal procedural technicalities

This op-ed politely discusses the dis-connect between what the Supreme Court considers their “view” of constitutional rights (really a procedural statute of limitations argument) without touching on the personal rights and privileges of the inmate seeking a review of eyewitness … Continue reading

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Research on eyewitness, victim and expert recantations after convictions

The University of Michigan continues its investigation into the causes of wrongful convictions via their archive of over 1000 cases where an innocent person was sent to prison. The varied judicial responses to recanting witnesses contained in this 10 page … Continue reading

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Brooklyn’s Sordid Prosecutorial Past, and Present?

The New York Times ——————————————————————————– May 11, 2013 Review of 50 Brooklyn Murder Cases Ordered By FRANCES ROBLES and N. R. KLEINFIELD The Brooklyn district attorney’s office has ordered a review of some 50 murder cases assigned to an acclaimed … Continue reading

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Three more cases of discredited medical testimony and prosecutorial fallacies leading to wrongful convictions

5-19-2013 The Innocence March continues through Santa Barbara County towards  Sacramento where they hope to present to Governor Jerry Brown petitions for clemency for 12 clients they consider factually innocent of serious crime. The California Innocence Project (CIP) also highlights … Continue reading

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Justin Brooks Update from the Innocence March…

Justin Brooks Update from the Innocence March….

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May 14th Ventura discussion on Wrongful Convictions-5pm-Ventura College of Law

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