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US Forensics look forward is getting confused – mirroring Trump’s crony Sessions

We should consider the US Department of Justice declining to renew the Natl Commission on Forensic Science just a foretelling of the retrenching push by police and prosecutor to remain outside normal scientific influences. This agency of public safety via … Continue reading

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Utter Crap abt Climate Change from Congressional Sci Committee #AAFS2017

All this claptrap from climate deniers hired as Trump’s Congressional ‘science’ appointees relies on claim of “fake data” published a Brit tabloid. If you read through this short piece, it will resound with the “one paper now debunked” proof aka … Continue reading

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A Monopoly Game of Rules: prosecutors, defense attorneys, forensic experts #AAFS2017

More Rules for those interested in how Ethics responsibilities appear in the US legal compendium. All the players are included. Here (at the bottom) is the abstract of a future presentation by Mississippi Innocent Project’s founder and director, Tucker Carrington … Continue reading

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Taking pattern evidence two years after burial? Why not? It’s a bitemark

You will love what the ex DA in this decades-old case has to say about “outsiders” causing problems. The State Attorney says this: “Our job is to do justice an to see justice one. We’re not afraid of having evidence … Continue reading

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2016 Top Ten Forensic Science Posts

The year’s most read posts from Forensics in Focus. Happy New Year. What is a partial forensic DNA “match”? Obstinate DA pursues new trial in William Richards’ case. PCAST: Forensic science reform gets knee-jerk backlash from law enforcement. Top 9 … Continue reading

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American Academy of Forensic Sciences asks public for bitemark validation studies

In an equitable move [probably in the face of all the LEO crime labs complaining] requested by the President’s Council of Science and Technology chairman, Eric Lander, the AAFS is asking its membership to provide more information not mentioned in … Continue reading

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Anti-PCAST District Attorney Says Bitemark Analysis Opponents Are “Flawed”

This National DA Assoc president works in San Bernardino County, among other things a place where bitemarks helped put an innocent Bill Richards in prison for 23 years. Ramos (campaigning for California’s Attorney General post and pro death penalty) has … Continue reading

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Flat-earth concepts of Shaken Baby Syndrome shaken by US judge

For the first time, a New York appellate court has ruled that evidence once used to convict people in shaken-baby cases may no longer be scientifically valid. http://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/2016/11/16/ruling-alters-legal-landscape-ny-shaken-baby-cases/93952304/ ► Shaken-baby science questioned ► Changing science a tough sell in court UK … Continue reading

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Judges’ College puts together #PCAST forensics and FRE 702 rules 

The National JudicialCollege dives deep into explaining how overblown “feature-comparing” experts and actually ANYONE attesting to their “science” can be corralled through using rules within the Federal Rules of Evidence. I think they must have read from all the ABFO … Continue reading

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The dregs of forensic “science” living and doing well in Mississippi : Mirrors Donald Trump insults.

I can’t add much to this, other than I’ve seen this guy at work for 23 years. Somehow, in 2012, he couldn’t remember my name isn’t Mike “Collins.” He did get it right this May in a Columbus, Mississippi courtroom. … Continue reading

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