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Forensics: From a middle school student. Letter to the editor: Forensic hair analysis an unreliable tool in court

Dear potential jurors, Did you know that in more than 2,000 murder cases across the United States from 1985-2000 used faulty forensic hair analysis? In 27 of those cases the suspect was executed. — Read on addisonindependent.com/opeds/letter-editor-forensic-hair-analysis-unreliable-tool-court

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Junk Online Journals Abound on the Internet – Predatory Intent

Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers This list published by ‘Jeffrey Beale‘ is endless. Every year he publishes it gets longer. Incredible. It goes on for pages and pages. https://web.archive.org/web/20170103170850/https://scholarlyoa.com/publishers

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US Forensics look forward is getting confused – mirroring Trump’s crony Sessions

We should consider the US Department of Justice declining to renew the Natl Commission on Forensic Science just a foretelling of the retrenching push by police and prosecutor to remain outside normal scientific influences. This agency of public safety via … Continue reading

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Utter Crap abt Climate Change from Congressional Sci Committee #AAFS2017

All this claptrap from climate deniers hired as Trump’s Congressional ‘science’ appointees relies on claim of “fake data” published a Brit tabloid. If you read through this short piece, it will resound with the “one paper now debunked” proof aka … Continue reading

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A Monopoly Game of Rules: prosecutors, defense attorneys, forensic experts #AAFS2017

More Rules for those interested in how Ethics responsibilities appear in the US legal compendium. All the players are included. Here (at the bottom) is the abstract of a future presentation by Mississippi Innocent Project’s founder and director, Tucker Carrington … Continue reading

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Taking pattern evidence two years after burial? Why not? It’s a bitemark

You will love what the ex DA in this decades-old case has to say about “outsiders” causing problems. The State Attorney says this: “Our job is to do justice an to see justice one. We’re not afraid of having evidence … Continue reading

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2016 Top Ten Forensic Science Posts

The year’s most read posts from Forensics in Focus. Happy New Year. What is a partial forensic DNA “match”? Obstinate DA pursues new trial in William Richards’ case. PCAST: Forensic science reform gets knee-jerk backlash from law enforcement. Top 9 … Continue reading

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American Academy of Forensic Sciences asks public for bitemark validation studies

In an equitable move [probably in the face of all the LEO crime labs complaining] requested by the President’s Council of Science and Technology chairman, Eric Lander, the AAFS is asking its membership to provide more information not mentioned in … Continue reading

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Anti-PCAST District Attorney Says Bitemark Analysis Opponents Are “Flawed”

This National DA Assoc president works in San Bernardino County, among other things a place where bitemarks helped put an innocent Bill Richards in prison for 23 years. Ramos (campaigning for California’s Attorney General post and pro death penalty) has … Continue reading

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Flat-earth concepts of Shaken Baby Syndrome shaken by US judge

For the first time, a New York appellate court has ruled that evidence once used to convict people in shaken-baby cases may no longer be scientifically valid. http://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/2016/11/16/ruling-alters-legal-landscape-ny-shaken-baby-cases/93952304/ ► Shaken-baby science questioned ► Changing science a tough sell in court UK … Continue reading

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