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The dregs of forensic “science” living and doing well in Mississippi : Mirrors Donald Trump insults.

I can’t add much to this, other than I’ve seen this guy at work for 23 years. Somehow, in 2012, he couldn’t remember my name isn’t Mike “Collins.” He did get it right this May in a Columbus, Mississippi courtroom. … Continue reading

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‘Vindictive Prosecution’ hangs over DA reluctant to not recharge Bill Richards

Today’s article from Jordan Smith at The Intercept provides history and new developments to Bill Richards’ 23 year journey from a murder conviction to freedom despite District Attorney Mike Ramos unerringly “stupid” threats of re-investigating Richards for the murder of … Continue reading

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Illinois crime lab bill created to seal faulty testing from public view

Cases of government-run crime labs  “hiding” forensic errors and gaffs from criminal defendants and the public got a boost in Illinois this week……We can use this to clearly understand who and how prosecutors and LE PACs control the legislators in … Continue reading

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State liability for faked crime lab testing goes to the jury – Boston

Former state chemist Annie Dookhan was sentenced to three to five years in state prison after she pleaded guilty in 2013 to tampering with evidence and filing false reports. 9:15 am PDT update at the bottom Massachusetts is first up … Continue reading

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Oh dear, a defense attorney wants to use a bitemark to counter cold case DNA

A criminal defendant’s attorney says a bitemark on a victim in a 27 year old murder is not his client’s teeth mark but someone else’s. The DA wisely isn’t using any junk bitemark opinions as there is ample DNA to identify the … Continue reading

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Dialogue about Science Peer Review in the Courts : Scientific American : Faigman

This is a “how to do it” from Law Professor David L. Faigman at Hastings of UCBerkeley. He shows an extensive review on where the US courts are on this subject and why they are not always reliable. He has some interesting … Continue reading

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The odd “reform” coexistence of law enforcement, criminal justice and private forensic orgs

Taking some joy out of Xmas, the Wash Post columnist Radley Balko draws out the pattern of current forensic events focusing on methods review into a broader question. How difficult is it to change multi-governmental institutional culture? He describes how the … Continue reading

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Forensics: Belfast Detective faked sexual assault tests to reduce caseload

“Working in the Metropolitan Police’s Sapphire sex crimes unit, he failed to send evidence including swabs and a condom for forensic and toxicological tests before recording “negative” results in the crime reporting information system (Cris).” http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/uk/jail-for-detective-who-faked-results-of-forensic-tests-in-sex-crime-inquiries-34276502.html

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Forensics: Goulish story about vampirism myths in the United States

(What a crazy set of teeth. Awesome dental prosthetic from the  “Nosferatu” silent film.) This confirms that New Englanders always have had a strange way about themselves. http://strangeremains.com/2015/11/01/the-vampire-slayings-in-19th-century-new-england/

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Forensics is not immune: The bullshit factor in academics and science

Title: “On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit” This is a decidedly serious discussion on the soft belly of science and other expertism that is largely uncontrolled by peer review. It may join the continuum Peter W. Huber’s book “Galileo’s … Continue reading

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