Illinois crime lab bill created to seal faulty testing from public view

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Cases of government-run crime labs  “hiding” forensic errors and gaffs from criminal defendants and the public got a boost in Illinois this week……We can use this to clearly understand who and how prosecutors and LE PACs control the legislators in certain states. Illinois taxpayers have already spent millions of $$ paying for wrongful conviction compensation lawsuits. This bill seems to exacerbate that problem.

“Under a new law passed by the Illinois House yesterday, Ramsell says state police will be able to withhold some of the most crucial crime lab information. Including, he says, the kinds of mistakes uncovered by the I-Team last year. These mistakes included: test samples switched, names that didn’t match, wrongly run vials of evidence, general inaccuracies, incorrect methods and destruction of evidence.”

About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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