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TV Interview with Bill Richards on his 23 year conviction dismissal. #XONR8

See the KTLA TV interview with Bill Richards and his @CA_Innocence team minutes after San Bernardino DAs Mike Ramos and Michael Risley reluctantly dismiss all murder charges.

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San Bernardino DA shows his continued wish to re-convict Bill Richards @CA_Innocence

In this local SB article, San Berdoo’s Deputy DA Risley shows the “finality of guilt” still lives in his mind regardless of the junk science he constructed to convict Bill Richards’ in his 1997 trial. His continued efforts shows a … Continue reading

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‘Vindictive Prosecution’ hangs over DA reluctant to not recharge Bill Richards

Today’s article from Jordan Smith at The Intercept provides history and new developments to Bill Richards’ 23 year journey from a murder conviction to freedom despite District Attorney Mike Ramos unerringly “stupid” threats of re-investigating Richards for the murder of … Continue reading

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Obstinate District Attorney II: Investigating how District Attorneys reprosecute vacated convictions

Prosecutors are pleased with convictions.  Defendants appeal. Sometimes defendants win. Then the prosecution re-prosecutes. Double jeopardy? Nope. Welcome to San Bernardino’s halls of justice. The world of innocence litigation is unknown territory regarding possible outcomes after a criminal defendant’s conviction has … Continue reading

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A lesson about scientific proofs vs. “causation beliefs” use in courts

This written appellate opinion sums up the challenge of “gatekeepers” (the judges) at the trial level filtering out expert witness bombast of opinion from actual scientific “causation.” The bombast in the forensic field of testimony can be seen in the … Continue reading

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Retribution in criminal justice reform

“In (the) battle over Nebraska’s death penalty, victims’ families refuse to be political pawns” by @lilianasegura at The Intercept.  This parallels California’s upcoming vote to abolish the death penalty. There probably will also be a pro-death penalty measure on the … Continue reading

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Shaken baby assumptions at the core of scheduled Texas execution

The case of a soon to be executed Texas inmate shows how in 2002 “shaken” baby injuries were taken as a given by both prosecutors and defense attorneys. Even after Robert Roberson’s conviction in 2002, his appellate counsel didn’t take … Continue reading

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Obstinate Prosecutor pursues new trial in Richards case despite forensics of innocence

Originally posted on FORENSICS and LAW in FOCUS @ CSIDDS | News and Trends:
Prosecutors have been well described in the media as “dogged’ and “relentless” by exerting punishment and retribution for crimes large and small against our citizenry. But there is a factual…

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Trouble with teeth and the better side of new forensic research – National Geographic

A general review of past police forensic methods that led to wrongful convictions and the newer development in forensics that could change criminalistic communities. Genetic phenotyping for facial reconstruction being the hottest topic in the media. Full article:  The Trouble With … Continue reading

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There is a problem with San Berdoo DA Mike Ramos’ Conviction Review Unit – William Richards

Post Conviction Integrity Units have been created within US prosecutors’ offices for a number of years. Google search shows 217,000 links to this  subject. Criticism of the composition of a DA’s newly funded PSIU in Nevada reveals concerns about CRINO (conviction … Continue reading

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