San Bernardino DA shows his continued wish to re-convict Bill Richards @CA_Innocence

In this local SB article, San Berdoo’s Deputy DA Risley shows the “finality of guilt” still lives in his mind regardless of the junk science he constructed to convict Bill Richards’ in his 1997 trial. His continued efforts shows a “hardened heart” against what reasonable doubt actually means. I would assume Risley is currently interviewing all the cell mates Richards had in his 23 years in jail/prison to find a jailhouse snitch to incentivise.

Victory at all costs. Currently, Mr. Richards is as guilty of the crime as much as anyone living within realm of Risley’s jurisdiction.

Mr. Risley retired from Ramos’ office in 2007 to reside in Oxford, MS. He later returned. On his departure….”District Attorney Michael A. Ramos called the departure of Risley, who oversaw the office’s criminal division, “a huge loss.”  [and] “Of course, the selfish side of me wishes he wouldn’t leave[.]”

IMHO, this bodes poorly on Mike Ramos’ 2018 bid to become California’s Attorney General.


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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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