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See how far DAs go to hide #Flawed #Forensics

38K bogus crime lab tests got the prosecutors to reveal their duplicity in covering it up. WTF. Not beyond what happens w bitemark cases.    

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Forensics: Corp trade secrets dominates rules of evidence in criminal courts. 

Really. It is called scientific by some courts but its not available for confirmatory testing. What is it? Proprietary DNA mixture software.

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Autopsy Offers New Details On the Death of A Guatemalan Migrant Child

Autopsy Offers New Details On the Death of A Guatemalan Migrant Child — Read on Pathologists reviewing this and other migrant children deaths include @drjudymelinek. Physical and medical neglect of these innocent children is abhorent and are classic human … Continue reading

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Junk forensic claims run amok once again.

Law enforcement always goes bonkers for junk forensics. This time it is a twitchy next gen version of a “deception detector.”

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Forensics: Creating false evidence and paying witnesses assured a conviction. 24 years later, a new look reveals all the dirty tricks. Trial DA has no remorse. The police crime scene “reconstruction” is ridiculous. The jury believed it.

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FoxNews: Unreliable bitemarks still on the books in all 50 states. Excellent 8min video expose’ on the recent Stinson $7.5M award for wrongful conviction in Milwaukee. As usual, the city taxpayers take the financial hit. Kudos to all those who helped this case along. Heather Donnell and her staff are … Continue reading

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Forensics: The battle of open access for scientific research papers. UCLA get slapped by mega publisher Elsevier.

The publisher spans the world for science, medicine and some things forensics. It has one open access (i.e. free) journal about forensics. Good for them.  This story covers the larger issue of  corporate profiteering (over charging) for information that is … Continue reading

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Forensics: The Major UK Forensic Firm Gets Ransacked for Ransom

Oh dear, this is not very good news. Eurofins does this in the UK.  Eurofins deals with over 70,000 criminal cases in the UK each year. It carries out DNA testing, toxicology analysis, firearms testing and computer forensics for police … Continue reading

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