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Forensics: A “cavalier”and long-time shaken baby expert will not admit his decades of misdiagnoses. 

Dr. Steiner’s “Saving the kids” mantra was later adopted by the bitemarkers.

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Forensics: Psych tests mostly junk says NRC

Psych experts have free reign in deciding courtroom outcomes in civil and criminal cases. Only 3% get their unregulated opinions are scrutinized during trial.

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Forensics: How a one week training course can make you a blood pattern expert. Bitemarkers do it in 2 days.

Judges still can’t figure out what is junk testimony. Take a look at the history of the spatter experts rise to fame. The bite people only needed Ted Bundy to become famous crime-fighters.

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#Forensics: read the difference between hanging vs strangulation. Special focus on the hyoid bone, cartilage, and vertebral fractures.

By Judy Melinek MD One might infer from this lit review, that the Epstein family’s medical expert has gone WAY OUT on a limb.

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A New Solution to Countering Bad Science in Forensics | Lab Manager

Aussie study follows up on the unacceptable “ad hoc” nature of 30 different crime lab methods. They also demand for forensic science to become more open. Even DNA has befuddled courts into accepting “proprietary secrets” regarding crime lab software. — … Continue reading

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FoxNews: Unreliable bitemarks still on the books in all 50 states. Excellent 8min video expose’ on the recent Stinson $7.5M award for wrongful conviction in Milwaukee. As usual, the city taxpayers take the financial hit. Kudos to all those who helped this case along. Heather Donnell and her staff are … Continue reading

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“Making Forensics Unsafe” – Again its the FBI pattern matchers.

(Image credit: ProPublica) This has a familiar ring to it. More or less it is the “I can see it, even if you can’t” brand of accepted “scientific” testimony. This is the path of other forensic innovators who single-handedly advance … Continue reading

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Anti-Sherlockian forensic pathologist’s claims runneth over the edge.

This fellow Thomas Young surely has adopted a self-assured confidence in areas of creationism and child abuse. One judge took him apart for being “a team of one.” His anti-deductive ramble about Sherlock Holmes published in Psychology Today. Then … Continue reading

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Forensics: Author John Grisham talks about courtrooms “flooded with an avalanche of unreliable, even atrocious ‘science.’ “

He brings out Mississippi’s “The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist” along with other forensic failures in this L.A. Times Op-Ed. “It’s a maddening indictment of America’s broken criminal justice system, in which prosecutors allowed — even encouraged — flawed … Continue reading

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National DAs backup DOJ and police control of #Forensic Standards and Practices. #Resist

A very measured PR statement by a DA claiming many good things to come by allowing prosecutors to pick and choose their agendized concepts of forensic standards and practices. This is despite the Innocence Projects continuing to show his brand … Continue reading

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