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Forensics: In depth look at bogus pattern-matching police labs. Stinson bitemark exoneration compared to toolmark conviction under appeal in Colorado’s Genrich case.

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Forensics incorrect between 23% to 96% of court cases

A UK study group describes their study as demanding a “holistic overhaul” of these practices taken into criminal courts. It contains a good review of US exoneration efforts to effect forensics. Too bad the police controlled forensic managers seem deaf … Continue reading

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Forensic bias dangers from police interactions

Notables discuss the interface between police and anyone examining crime scene evidence. Especially those folks working police crime labs. Recent cases of experts being influenced by police theories certainly highlights this as creating cognitive bias. It is very hard to … Continue reading

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Crime lab mess redux: Now it’s Alaska’s $90M boondoggle

These stories just keep coming ……. It seems the public’s confidence in the  “theory(ies) of crime detection” appears to be eroding from top ( governmental PCAST deniers) to the bottom. Take your pick on the bottom. Wanna try “Making a … Continue reading

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Fentanyl-like drugs are pouring in primarily from China, U.S. officials say

This is a real war on drugs being fought at the DEA and forensic crime labs. Fentanyl is 50 stronger than heroin. San Francisco Chronicle. 

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Sketchy police use of body cameras; LEO use of predictive crime software biased and useless

NYPD has yet to outfit any of their officers with body cameras despite a 2013 federal court ruling that ordered the implementation of a body camera pilot program in at least 5 NYPD precincts: “Envisioned as a tool to bolster … Continue reading

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Here we go again. New appeal case. Waukegan. Dead baby. “Missed evidence.” Kathleen Zellner

Another example how weak physical evidence relating to COD, the baby’s prior medical history, the DA and Def atty’s fumblings, a courthouse with cops’ history of witness coercion with wrongful convictions, and a “new statement” from the DA’s pathologist, brings … Continue reading

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Forensic Anthro in Central Park

Professor Angelique Corthals of the Department of Sciences set up a crime scene in the composting area of the park near the 102nd street entrance after receiving a permit from the Central Park Conservancy to perform the exercise. “The permit process took … Continue reading

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Forensics: Can DNA predict a face? Courtroom application years away. Police buy it anyway.

Descriptive but not an over enthusiastic prediction of a novel attempt to revolutionize the future of “fighting crime.”  The writer properly spells out the commercially developed DNA method as “skimpy” on validity. “In truth, the science for conjuring a person’s … Continue reading

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Editorial: Taking another bite out of junk science in the Texas criminal justice system

“In numerous instances, experts diverge widely in their evaluations of the same bite mark evidence, which has led to questioning of the value and scientific objectivity of such evidence.” The Dallas Daily News  

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