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False forensic testing adds to growing mistrust of cops, their labs and prosecutors

A couple of telling articles call again for the public to understand how the relationship between cops , their crime labs and prosecutors lead to false convictions via intimidating suspects into pleading guilty via misused field testing kits. Barry Scheck … Continue reading

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Forensic Standards bill could “transform” forensic science and get rid of bitemark IDs

A new bill introduced last week in the US Congress could put some “teeth” into creating and then enforcing federal standards for the practice of 11 forensic disciplines either criticized or debunked (aka bitemark pattern testimony) by the 2009 National … Continue reading

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StingRay surveillance gets hit in court; Flawed forensics and legal outcomes

NEW YORK LEGAL AID SOCIETY dna NEWSLETTER July 19 2016 Federal judge suppresses evidence collected by warrantless StingRay cell-site simulator device in NY drug case. In his decision, U.S. District Judge William Pauley wrote: “Absent a search warrant, the Government may … Continue reading

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Under the Microscope: Webinar in Hair Reviews

Hear about 40 years of junk forensic testimony in the US.

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“Field tests” of forensic evidence a presumptive disaster: inaccuracies prejudice 1000’s

The genesis of forensic analysis or “testing in the field” probably goes back to….. Sherlock Holmes  Criminal sleuthing at a crime scene or during an investigatory “police stop” is a popular topic in the forensic science commercial laboratory R&D industry. Taking the … Continue reading

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Texas Symposium on Exonerations, bad forensics, bad prosecutions and the death penalty.

Anyone out there knowing a DA supporting the death penalty as a secure means of doling out proper justice in the US might do well to send him/her the information flyer showing the topics being discussed in Houston this August. … Continue reading

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Recuse San Bernardino’s DA Mike Ramos from pursuing a free Bill Richards

Its been 10 days since his abrupt release from state prison to an overnight stay at the San Bernardino West Valley Detention Center to then walking free into the California desert heat.  Bill Richards now is processing his new life in … Continue reading

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