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Forensics: Autopsy of a Crime Lab | Dispelling the myth of a perfect forensic match – YouTube

New book! Brandon Garrett, the L. Neil Williams Professor of Law at Duke University School of Law and Director of the Wilson Center for Science and Justice, discusses the fallacies and flaws in forensic “science.” — Read on http://www.youtube.com/watch

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Forensics: Best title award winner! ‘Death Row Inmate Freed After Bullshit Bite Mark Evidence Determined To Be Bullshit’| Techdirt

Death Row Inmate Freed After Bullshit Bite Mark Evidence Determined To Be Bullshit | Techdirt — Read on http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20210228/15114246339/death-row-inmate-freed-after-bullshit-bite-mark-evidence-determined-to-be-bullshit.shtml

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Forensics: Dead infant not a homicide. Flawed science on “shaken baby” conviction used in capital murder conviction

Dr. Ophaven is a champ. A forensic doctor testified that science used in the death penalty case of Robert Leslie Roberson III, was flawed during the continuance of the evidentiary hearing Monday, March 8 https://www.palestineherald.com/news/doctor-flawed-science-used-in-capital-murder-conviction/article_18350b72-8077-11eb-b978-e786ee5b9ecb.html

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#Forensics #DNA U.S. Takes Step to Require Asylum-Seekers’ DNA

Similar to building walls in Colorado? The Trump administration ignores US untested rape specimens and will collect DNA samples from asylum-seekers and add the information to a massive FBI database. Trump and the GOP continue to protray undoc immigrants as … Continue reading

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Forensics: Forensic Dental ageing expert claims his claims of “science” shouldn’t be the only method. Why use it at all?

For years, these dentists have inappropriate claims of high percentages of accuracy to their adult versus juvenile ageing methods which they present in US immigration courts. This WaPo article summarizes how the federal controlled courts and prosecutors continue to use … Continue reading

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Forensics: Decertified DNA mixture methods affected 1300 convictions in the US.

An in-house DNA mixture program that has been abandoned by the NYCME’s office gets a jaundiced review by an ex-DA judge. Unfortunately, the legal and political barriers to its effect on past convictions is left up to lawyers to consider. … Continue reading

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Forensics disaster in the UK. Looking at £s wasted and evidence lost

Take a close look at this one. Government “savings” turned into a mayhem of chaos since the 2012 closure of the FSS. Dont talk to police or politicians abt forensics. http://www.labnews.co.uk/article/2029976/forensics-in-crisis

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Flawed forensics and weak-kneed judges. Boilerplate arson experts, of course, claim absolute accuracy. A judge buys it

The judge below is a good guy, the Honorable Harry T. Edwards. Just another chapter in how judges can’t get away from looking at changes and evolution in forensics (this time its fire science) in the most restrictive sense via … Continue reading

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Texas loves its executions but………………………………………………

  …………..the sometimes nefarious and commonly exaggerated forensic opinions prosecutors continue use to convict has little effect on the lofty judges who never took a science class after 12th grade. Their denials of legitimate claims of unfair criminal convictions is … Continue reading

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Awesome read: Forensic/Science Accuracy . This is a British Commonwealth legal review of forensic expertism. Many nuggets of prior cases and judge-like opines are presented. The article also appreciates the contribution of US law profs Risinger, Saks, and Thompson’s activities … Continue reading

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