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Prosecutors knowingly screw things up after crime lab scandal tests their ethics

Nothing is more poignant than to talk to and read about exonerees who had to put up with malingering prosecutors who live their lives as if wrongful convictions do not exist. One might consider this California prosecutor the poster child for … Continue reading

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National Registry of Exonerations makes big plans for its’ future at UC Irvine

Thursday marked the official transfer of location of the NRE to the UC Irvine (CA) Newkirk Center for Science and Society. Here are a series of live streaming presentations that represent the purpose and future plans for the NRE. It … Continue reading

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Forensics: More crime lab scandals: This time DUI results in Denver

This is from Joe who commented to this blog: Thousands of Colorado DUI convictions could be in doubt amid forgery allegations: Colorado lawyers specializing in drunken-driving cases are questioning the validity of thousands of convictions after a technician who certified … Continue reading

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Forensics Wednesday: ‘we may have to police the police ourselves’ – and other stuff

Being poor keeps innocent people in jail and generally ruins lives of many who are not accused of serious crimes. Missouri’s underfunded public defender office forces the poor to languish in jail https://interc.pt/2lThu4T by @chronic_jordan. But the @JusticeDept  Sessions tells LEOs … Continue reading

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Forensics: Junk arson ‘science’ leads to conviction, prison, then a coverup plea bargain

From @LilianaSegura. She spent two years on this and it’s worth the ‘long read.’ “How junk arson science convicted a mother of killing her own daughters.” https://theintercept.com/2017/03/05/did-angela-garcia-kill-her-own-daughters-arson-cover-up/

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Brave New World of Prosecutor Misconduct – Bitemarks and Melissa Mourges – #AAFS2017

In a show of force, collegial prosecutors combine efforts to influence judges to accept half-truths and fraud from the forensic ‘world’ of bitemark matching. Nothing says it better than this new article from the Washington Post. (Ms. Mourges is a … Continue reading

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A Monopoly Game of Rules: prosecutors, defense attorneys, forensic experts #AAFS2017

More Rules for those interested in how Ethics responsibilities appear in the US legal compendium. All the players are included. Here (at the bottom) is the abstract of a future presentation by Mississippi Innocent Project’s founder and director, Tucker Carrington … Continue reading

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NY County Prosecutor accused of doing the dirty deed in 15 drug cases

This looks bad in the press and I bet the judge won’t be happy either. Withholding evidence in 15 cases? excerpt from Syracuse, Cayuga county, NY. AUBURN, N.Y. – Tyrone Matthews could’ve been sentenced to 23 more years in prison … Continue reading

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See how long it takes to shutdown junk “science.” A century in some cases.

The Washington Post’s ongoing series about forensic experts’ decades of conniving within the state of Mississippi’s death investigation industry should be considered for a collective Pulitzer Prize. For the past ten years, we’ve seen the misuse of such forensic subjects as … Continue reading

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There is a problem with San Berdoo DA Mike Ramos’ Conviction Review Unit – William Richards

Post Conviction Integrity Units have been created within US prosecutors’ offices for a number of years. Google search shows 217,000 links to this  subject. Criticism of the composition of a DA’s newly funded PSIU in Nevada reveals concerns about CRINO (conviction … Continue reading

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