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DNA is to blame when certain forensic science orgs get caught with their underwear showing. Again

I am struck with the recent declarations by the NCFS regarding their non-mandatory “solutions” to forensic experts being scientifically “shady” in their testimony. Some folks may ask, “What is the backstory on this?   Why is this group (now composed of the … Continue reading

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#Forensic #Science #Commission Pushbacks against Junk Forensic Experts

Progress is being  made towards Forensic Science Reform.  It has taken 5 years to get coordinated (but preliminary) recommendations  from organized forensic practitioners since the 2009 NAS Report on “Strengthening Forensics Sciences.” The NAS slammed a fistful of long accepted forensic … Continue reading

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Befuddled #Forensic #Science dentists resort to a color chart as a safeguard against their history of faulty convictions

For the life of me, I cannot translate into words, what the think tank (really a kiddie pond) of the bitemark group (the ABFO recognized by the AAFS as an elite forensics certifying board) is now up to. Agronomy? Aborism … Continue reading

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What bad DAs ignore about junk #forensic science. The good DAs don’t ignore this stuff.

Take a look at a Forensics in Focus from 2013. None of the major forensics and criminal justice issues have changed. Dentists still testify in death penalty cases as if they were DNA experts. Prosecutors keep hiring them.    

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Jack the Ripper DNA ID debunked by Sir Alec Jeffries : #Forensic #experts get sued in $30M wrongful conviction suit

In the world of 2014 forensic news, this story should endup in the top 10. A book writer’s chief science consultant to the claim ole Jack was the immigrant Kominski just took a hit from a number of scientific notables … Continue reading

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The truth comes out in #ONR8 David McCallum’s NYC case plus Don’t self medicate and then testify in criminal court

Forensics expert ‘had been on medication’ in the witness box. When a DA and a judge obstruct DNA testing, it doesn’t matter if you are innocent, you stay in prison.  Forensic experts under major UK scrutiny. Are juries being blinded … Continue reading

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Pushback from the bitemark believers denies bad cases can happen today. Total bs. Their keepers need to wake up.

The bitemark experts once AGAIN, promise that they will do better. Read the following recent website posting from their head honcho. As usual, nothing about where all his newly found reliability comes from. Maybe its his below-mentioned  “Tree” system? All the … Continue reading

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A “Cone of Silence” protects junk forensic science and allows it to survive in criminal courts.

Originally posted on FORENSICS and LAW in FOCUS @ CSIDDS | News and Trends:
Today’s subject is a brief look back at how pattern evidence from bruised human skin got into the case law of every state in the US. Its not…

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Eyewitness IDs : The Main cause of Wrongful Convictions gets a do-over by the National Research Counsel

After decades of legal and more recent research on doubtful eyewitness testimony has led to this Report from the NRC/NAS. The best reads on this type of “evidence” used by prosecutors are: 1) Professor Brandon Garrett’s “Convicting the Innocent.” 2) … Continue reading

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SpaghettiO caper, Battles over Forensics, Public Policy efforts and wrongful convictions

In California, another bill involving a valiant attempt to prevent the strong correlation of prosecutorial misconduct (in over 800 cases, only less than a 2  handfusl have led to Bar sanctions against state prosecutors) and wrongful convictions was vetoed this … Continue reading

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