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Forensics: 1985 trial using junk bitemark evidence not a problem to another appellate court

(Image: the concept of worms causing dental decay) Yet another confirmation that the “rule of law” used in courts of review supersedes unspeakable injustice of failed expert testimony used to convict. This story indicates the prosecutors philosophy of “once convicted, … Continue reading

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Who will pay Bill Richards for 23 years in prison? Answer: California taxpayers

The Richards’ Bitemark Here is the latest video about how Bill Richards was rounded up and convicted of murdering his wife in 1993. DNA said otherwise and also debunked a litany of shoddy forensic work by the San Bernardino Sheriffs … Continue reading

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Bitemark pattern used to overturn case against New Orleans defendant

Once again, an ABFO dentist uses bitemark patterns to persuade a judge that there is  ‘science’ behind skin injuries and tooth comparisons. This time is to say the defendant’s teeth “didn’t match.” A new trial was ordered. http://www.theadvocate.com/new_orleans/news/courts/article_49cb7944-13fe-11e7-8dc6-9fe2d1aa4f30.html  

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Familiar? Another bitemark conviction getting a DNA-based look after 16 years

Forensic science is not immune to the need for retesting and consideration of its’ flawed methods -Anon The number of exonerations in the US is probably going to increase with the addition of ‘new DNA technology’ evidence recovered from a … Continue reading

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Musings of the bitemarkers while at #AAFS2017 in NOLA

Its always so thrilling to read about certain bitemarker oral presentations at the annual American Academy meetings. Some of this tribe’s upstanding founders and veterans bring out their guns to profess what they can do. It’s also an always impressive … Continue reading

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Bitemarkers double-down with a “pay-to-play” membership drive #AAFS2017

The on-going American Academy of Forensic Science meeting in New Orleans is a wealth of information on how its varied membership and disciplines manage their little fiefdoms every year. The bitemarkers (American Board of Forensic Odontology) membership numbers are dwindling. … Continue reading

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#AAFS 2017 : Watch out for the ‘ATTACK of the bite mark matchers’ in NOLA

Have a look at this in depth  Washington Post series about certain ‘scientific’ AAFS members who will be showing off their wares in the Odontology Section this week. This is a small bunch of believers. Two Odontology members, Cynthia Brzozowki … Continue reading

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More scientists gang up against the bitemarkers – Oxford University Press -#AAFS2017

It’s just a dental journal (see pg. 68), but this op-ed piece may be the FIRST time organized dentistry has spoken out about the flim-flam of bitemark ‘science.’ The anonymous author is quietly referencing a recent publication from the Journal … Continue reading

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Read about the last $$ spent on bitemark research- A waste of $700K

The now lame-duck President’s Council on Sci Tech tried to lay this junk to rest in 2016. The NIJ funded $700K in 2006 to have these two guys study pig skin bitemarks and to make something called “Tom’s toolbox.” http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/tech/science/2008-05-14-3530693888_x.htm

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Election non-relief: Judges allowing risky “probably” forensic opinions

Bitemarks lead the list: NIST speaker reveals……. Conference: The 5 Problems That Stand Between Scientists and the Courtroom [excerpt:] Epstein showed the results of a recent survey of odonatologists that asked three questions about the reliability of bite marks. The … Continue reading

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