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Forensics: Covid19 coverup in Florida. Death stats muted by Governor deSantis redacting efforts.

This governor is a notorious dumbass.

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Forensics: Notorious bitemark expert in Netflix documentary has a few words about his “science.”

The ex DA Forrest Allgood claims his “feelings” made him ignore the similarities of the multiple child murders in his jurisdiction. The “feeling” include his using a statement from a 7 year year old. He calls it “circumstantial evidence” of … Continue reading

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Forensics. Clothing seam pattern matching is junk. 

Experts have to lie and mislead courts into accepting this as an identification science.

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Forensics: Perjury by a Prosecution expert #AAFS2020

Not all experts tell the truth. Good read for forensic students.

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#Forensics: Faked cop ballistics may lead to review of 4K convictions. 

Faked credentials and forgery in another State crime lab.

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Expose’ On Failed Bitemarker Forensics Still Certified by the AAFS

  Nothing better explains how weak this self-proclaiming Colorado Springs-based forensic org (The American Academy of Forensic Sciences) has become than this continuing look at the baseless claims of its bitemark membership. Read The Intercept interview where the authors of “The Cadaver … Continue reading

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Using bitemarker cases to reflect on how courts should protect the innocent from junk forensic science – Some do and some don’t

Another mini-review of bitemark matching fallacies that present in the US  courts since 1954 and which contributed to dozens wrongful convictions. That number continues to increase. This article focuses on Alfred Swinton’s recent release from a Connecticut prison. It does … Continue reading

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UK judicial system seems to be strangling on budget cuts and court closures

Of course , this is just the tip of the iceberg, as Internet savvy barristers talk about being pressured to accept cases for very little reimbursement. Automation in scheduling appearances, testimony and adjudication by non-lawyers in petty cases describes a … Continue reading

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Forensics: Making sure your employer get paid regardless…….

An insider look about genetic ‘counselors’ selling imperfect testing services and exaggerating results in order to stay employed. Hmm, the same might be said for police using junk drug testing kits from Kmart.

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Felonious toxicologist ran Maricopa AZ crime lab for years

Deep dark secrets and a little help from his police colleagues got toxicologist Norman Wade rehired after running away from a California conviction (in my home town) and making it big again in Arizona. Seems he fit well into the … Continue reading

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