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The World’s largest Science Org blasts Forensic latent fingerprints for unsupportable opinions

The AAAS is relatively new to reviewing forensics, but it has taken on pattern-matchers with the full force of its multidisciplinary membership. Its candor is a refreshing look into latent print matching experts. The AAAS has no law enforcement affiliations … Continue reading

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Exonerations in the News: the myth of “worst of the worst”

Justin Brooks and Brian Banks From the WrongfulConvictionsBlog Michigan Radio: Poor and black more likely to be wrongfully convicted… Star Tribune: Innocence Project questions Thomas Rhodes’ murder conviction in wife’s death near Spicer… Nebraska Radio Network: Kirk Bloodsworth brings his … Continue reading

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Forensics in Thailand shows an ugly lack of fairness in Aussie double murder case.

Here’s another case where human rights and so-called use of  “forensic science”  have little in common. A notable Thai forensic expert denounces the forensic “proof” left unavailable to defendants’ lawyers in this murder of two Australian tourists. Politics ran away … Continue reading

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