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Get off your liberal duff and donate to the Innocence Projects – 336 exonerations to date

Learn about the reasons wrongful convictions occur in the US. Its not what you may think. Retired police chief Darrel Stephens has something to say about the subject: Through my work for the Innocence Inquiry Commission and later the Innocence … Continue reading

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Forensics: Cross exam of a crime lab DNA tech gets high marks for drama

This case has some excellent insight into how a defense attorney finds a crack in a lab tech’s QA protocols [ she spit on a DNA sample] and then tries to blow up all the other work-product used by the … Continue reading

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Tx Forensic Sci Commission gets kudos for driving bitemark analysts to ground

Well, its not just the bitemarker zealots being scoured by the Tx Commission as mentioned in the January issue of Texas Monthly. But, its title is “False Impressions” and its headpiece image is the above closeup of some badly busted … Continue reading

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Outspoken Innocence Project detractor runs pricey Forensic Science ethics training course

Wrongful convictions and almost daily news reports of exonerations have spurred a new industry in forensic science. These events have created a new theme in forensic science, namely “forensic science reform,” where government agencies, CJ institutes, academia and private parties have … Continue reading

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Forensic Research: Necrobiomes from Body Farm experiment

A mini study makes researchers optimistic about body fluids and such.

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Forensic Anthro in Central Park

Professor Angelique Corthals of the Department of Sciences set up a crime scene in the composting area of the park near the 102nd street entrance after receiving a permit from the Central Park Conservancy to perform the exercise. “The permit process took … Continue reading

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Forensic Medicine Used to Convict for Moral Crimes In Tunisia

Junk forensic science and its misuse in criminal proceedings occurs wherever human rights and fairness are absent.

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Missouri Forensic Science program is told they can help prevent wrongful convictions

“I’m not here to bash the judicial system,” Barry Beach ( over 30 years in prison ) told a forensic science class at the University of Montana on Friday. “I’m here to say, ‘Let’s do what we can to make … Continue reading

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Crime lab event collects missing girl’s family’s DNA. Body later ID’d.

The identification was made based on DNA samples given from family members at the Attorney General’s event to raise awareness for and help loved ones locate missing persons, Never Forgotten: Arkansas Takes Action.

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Forensics: How human bitemarks should be used by prosecutors.

(photo credit: C. Michael Bowers and Raymond Johansen. From Digital Analysis of Bitemark Evidence. c 2004). This is an experimentally produced bitemark  on a deceased pig ear. The bitemark was made by Dr. Johansen biting the specimen. Unfortunately, this amount of … Continue reading

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