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Using non-destructive Raman Spectroscopy at the crime scene –

Handheld processors getting hyped by commercial vendors and praised by law enforcement. The process is meant to ID small materials, trace evidence from blood to chemicals to drugs. Its another ‘point and shoot’ kinda test. I have not been able … Continue reading

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Forensic “stickiness” in the News

NIST (US government science and tech forensic researcher and funder) announces a new look into the physical world of properties’ “stick” and “strain.” “the mechanical properties of four types of evidence: hair, documents, fingerprints and explosives.”

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Forensic Research: Necrobiomes from Body Farm experiment

A mini study makes researchers optimistic about body fluids and such. http://www.regaltribune.com/necrobiomes-and-their-effects-on-forensic-science/24464/

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14 year old executed in 1944 gets conviction tossed, Forensics reform, 1st A rights of a police chief takes a hit, and some forensic research

Forensic reform Statistics and the NIST Committee on forensic science. Apparently each working group (OSAC) gets its own stat person.   “This subcommittee will focus on standards and guidelines related to examination of body fluids or tissues for the presence and quantity … Continue reading

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