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Forensics: Bad grades in DNA lab proficiency tests leads to nastiness in court

This is an update from yesterday’s report on the SFO crime DNA lab getting hammered for insufficiencies. Full article. The next link is also related to this topic. SFO Distrist Attorney now going after an investigation of the SFO Police, Sheriffs, and … Continue reading

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John Lentini on underpaid and under ‘scienced’ arson investigators; Bad ballistics and fingerprints in Omaha

From the man who is bringing arson investigations into a science-based method using chemistry, physics, thermodynamics and testing. Unfortunately there are hiccups in finding  $ and any police who have a science background. Full article. Omaha prosecutor warns defense attorneys about … Continue reading

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Peter Neufeld on broken forensics needing a fix. SFO Police lab keeps coming up short. This time its DNA:

“According to testimony and evidence revealed in a trial late last year, the analyst allegedly filled in the gaps in poor-quality, incomplete genetic evidence. She generated two complete genetic profiles, and both were sent off as definitive test results to … Continue reading

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The aftermath of death row exoneration: Milke, Ford, Krone

Ray Krone was convicted to death on bogus forensic science. The expert still refuses to admit any regrets. Read how 3 exonorees have coped with freedom.

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Forensics: GermanWings 320 recovery details

“A team of 50 forensic workers face a daunting scene: a vast stretch of debris scattered over treacherous mountain ridges that can only be accessed with the help of climbing gear and a cadre of mountaineers.” Thus far about 500 … Continue reading

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BACK to Supreme Court to test new law on forensic ‘science’

A remarkably sad, infuriating  and frustrating ordeal one man in California prison has experienced for 22 years is winding up in intensity. William Richards’ 1997 murder conviction in San Bernardino had been overturned by a habeas corpus hearing in 2010, … Continue reading

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UK’s Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) subject of critical report.

Originally posted on Wrongful Convictions Blog:
The Criminal Cases Review Commission of England and Wales (Scotland has their own Commission) has been the subject of a recent inquiry by the UK Parliament’s Select Justice Committee (see here). The inquiry received…

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Taking a Look at what a DA’s ‘Conviction Integrity Unit’ can do right

“Late last month, the National Registry of Exonerations reported that the United States had 125 exonerations in 2014, a record high. One of the report’s findings was that 67 of those exonerations – or 54 percent – “were obtained at … Continue reading

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@CSIDDS has its two year birthday; Over 17000 hits and views about Science, Law and Forensics

Kudos to those who have found this blog worthwhile. I find the general public and attorneys involved in criminal defense are the most interested. Absolutely no response from the ‘dark side’ of forensic science which has been my niche topic … Continue reading

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PBS’s Recent Segment on SBS (Shaken Baby Syndrome)

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A Disputed Diagnosis that Sends Parents to Prison for Abuse. Last evening (3/23/15), PBS aired a segment that takes a critical look at the diagnosis of Shaken Baby Syndrome. The story features Kate Judson,…

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