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Today’s #Forensic News around the Globe: Crime rate within crime labs increasing

From the archives. Smithsonian talks about the career of a very reclusive founding father of scientific approaches to trace evidence analysis who worked from 1929 to 1954. Some called him “Detective X.” Somehow he determined the ransom notes in the Lindberg kidnapping … Continue reading

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Propaganda piece by embattled forensic dentistry group published by CA Dental Association.

An opening statement. To be honest, this ABFO generated material is nothing new. What is typical, along with the personal attacks,  is the absence of meaningful point-by-point discussion of scientific (i.e. the 2009 NAS Report) and exoneration case evaluation. It also … Continue reading

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The dawn of US forensic science had a few peculiar bedfellows

  Taking at look at 1904 to the present regarding science and non-science accepted as such. Includes SBS, phrenology, eugenics, gun powder, bullet lead, ear prints, fiber, bitemark and hair matchers. Law professors Saks and Koehler urge that its “time … Continue reading

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John Lentini on underpaid and under ‘scienced’ arson investigators; Bad ballistics and fingerprints in Omaha

From the man who is bringing arson investigations into a science-based method using chemistry, physics, thermodynamics and testing. Unfortunately there are hiccups in finding  $ and any police who have a science background. Full article. Omaha prosecutor warns defense attorneys about … Continue reading

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Forensic experts take on the NAS concerns about fingerprint examiners’ disagreement.

Fingerprint Examiners Found to Have Very Low Error Rates {By a group of 109 government fingerprint experts Investigations into the reliability of fingerprint matches continues. This news release from a NIJ funded project states a strong position for its reliability … Continue reading

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Good forensic science. Bad forensic science. Dangerous forensic science. Plus other stuff.

Today’s New York Times exclusive on the failure of bitemark identification resurging in a MS death penalty case. “Startling gap between “CSI” and certain forensic science.” PBS Nova program. KY: Prosecutor’s office focus of criticism from defendant. ADA lied to judge … Continue reading

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Forensic in Focus: From Witch hunts, criminal justice to some not so real forensic science.

Proof that CJ is not “always right.” TN exoneration joins growing number of innocence cases. Bitemarks included. 1 of 25 are innocent. Prosecutorial misconduct in Japan. Japan’s Authoritarian Criminal Justice System. Tells the Facts, Names the Names  The American Board … Continue reading

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Forensics in Focus @csidds | March 10 | very eclectic list today

March 10, 2014 Forensics in Focus  Don’t forget I tweet @csidds on all sorts of issues and events. FORENSICS: National disaster of untested rape kits. Celebrity interest in this forensic disaster that affects thousands and thousand of crime victims FORENSICS: MN. … Continue reading

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