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Forensic News with some real strange events

Taking evidence interpretation to a whole new level: The lawyer who shot himself proving his case …   Pure conjecture at this point: James Foley killer ‘unmasked’ by U.S. forensics … via @AlArabiya_Eng   ?? about shooting = DOJ probe … Continue reading

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Forensics : Research suggests that bitemarks used to prosecute in child abuse cases have lower pattern details than those bites seen in wrongful convictions.

Originally posted on FORENSICS and LAW in FOCUS @ CSIDDS | News and Trends:
(updated 2:16pm 7-17-2014) Research on bitemark opinions: Bites on kids have lower pattern details than in bites used in wrongful convictions used by prosecutors. Authored by myself and…

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#Forensics : “What the Mike Brown 3 autopsies can and can’t say” + Obstacles to Other #Ferguson Forensic Outcomes

I have posted in my previous blog various comments and postings of forensic topics related to the events in Ferguson Mo. As of today, no more details have been released by the multiple state and federal agencies having multi jurisdictional … Continue reading

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#Disputed : #Ferguson Policeman Darren Wilson received injuries during encounter with #Michael #Brown: Facial Fractures

Forensic aspects of the Mike Brown officer-involved shooting predominate this post. Georgia officials refuse to pay $800K medical expenses of toddler injured by a grenade in fruitless SWAT raid. Effort by US DOJ in Mike Brown shooting actually unprecedented in … Continue reading

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Forensic Science Misconduct, Deceit and Solutions

Within the following excellent article are examples of how forensic experts can mislead juries by using, either intentionally or by simple error, incorrect statements “couched” as ‘science.’  I would add that there are examples where experts address the courts and … Continue reading

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Just what IS ‘malicious prosecutorial misconduct? How about “criminally negligent?” Plus more on #Forensic #Science

Brooklyn 36-win 0-loss DA getting heat for a mega-list of alleged misconduct thats ugly but probably not “malicious” Here’s what “non malicious” prosecutors are all about. They are “negligent.” How about “criminally negligent?  See next. “altho committing misconduct, the … Continue reading

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It’s “Proper” Forensic Sci Week, FBI celebrates Dahmer case, and more

The article is here.  Forensics | Gov. Pence Issues Proclamation Declaring “Proper” Forensic Science week. That is an interesting disclaimer. I guess its not “Improper” forensic science week. Uhm, there must be a story behind who writes for the governor … Continue reading

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Doubtful testing in Miama crime lab, lying jail house snitch in Willingham execution, tricky DAs and a really stupid burglar

Its not CSI Miami. Broward Crime Lab Scandal Could Taint Many Cases – … The FBI crime lab managers might learn from this case. FBI having its own forensic probs and goes after Mingo, WVA with a vengeance in “FBI – … Continue reading

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