#Disputed : #Ferguson Policeman Darren Wilson received injuries during encounter with #Michael #Brown: Facial Fractures

Forensic aspects of the Mike Brown officer-involved shooting predominate this post.
Effort by US DOJ in Mike Brown shooting actually unprecedented in a domestic single incident criminal investigations. 
 Officer Darren Wilson injured during encounter with Mike Brown. Please note: This blogger uses no attribution to this information other than a 3rd party “source. As of today, Aug 20, 2014, some folks do not buy it. General proof used is that Officer Wilson was seen walking around Ferguson after the shooting. This won’t be cleared up for a while.
My Opinion: Three autopsies, the US DOJ, FBI, and at least 3 LE agencies will create amazing courtroom stories of “who has the evidence?”

Multiple autopsies like those in Michael Brown’s death are unusual, but not unprecedented 

Some background on pathologist Michael Baden 

Michael Baden, celebrity med exam: Cases include OJ, Phil Spector, Savio, Von Bulow, even JFK – & now Michael Brown. 

John Jay forensic Ph.D expresses opinions on “excessive force” issue in Ferguson case.  Similar court cases don’t often agree with his “1 vs 6 shot” idea. 

All out FBI blitz of Ferguson should bring the local police in full view re: recognition and preservation of crime scene evidence.

Now we will have a fed appointed ME do the next post. We still havent seen the first post. Expect a battle of experts soon. DOJ will not release its report until the entire civil rights investigation is finished (this is how the feds got into the case: via a possible  Sec.1983 civil rights violation).

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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