Forensics Canada: Bitemarkers run amok; Courts and DAs prefer case precedence over science.


This is a 50 page UBC Law Review narrative on the inadequacies of courts to recognize junk “forensic” experts. Battling Canadian bitemarkers leave a trail of exaggerated claims and criminal case law that is blind to scientific principles.




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#Forensic Trash. Much like graphology and bitemarks which DAs still love. Why Are Cops Around the World Using This Outlandish Mind-Reading Tool?

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#Forensics: Good news ⁦‪@ForensicOdont‬⁩ Prof Iain Pretty and ⁦‪@bldesportes‬⁩ Betty Layne Desportes and ⁦‪@cchampod‬⁩ Prof Chris Champod getting some lifetime kudos. A dentist, a lawyer and a statistician. Congrats and well deserved.

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#Forensics: A rare occurrence. State Bar files ‘formal charge’ against a former prosecutor named Hinckley | Cops & Courts |

The Wyoming State Bar alleges former Teton County Deputy Prosecutor Becket Hinckley violated seven rules during the prosecution of Josh Black’s aggravated assault case.
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#Forensics: Looking at the legal barriers to prove innocence. A bad defense lawyer cost me six years of freedom. I’m still waiting on my appeal 12 years later.

Chandra Bozelko explains why so many ineffective counsel appeals fail, even when they seemingly ought to succeed.
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#Forensics: open-access forensic science information sources. Its FREE😀

This cite contains forensics-related articles, books and databases. Impressive.

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Forensics: A compendium on the failure of the US death penalty. 

On societal, legal and moral grounds. By Liliana Segura and Jordan Smith.

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#Forensics: Police crime labs looking worse and worse. 

Hiding evidence? Never….almost.

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#FORENSICS: When the crime scene evidence never gets to the crime lab. Sadly, both are managed by the same people. Says alot about the future of cop DNA testing.

From the great state of Orange County, California.

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#Forensics: Errors in fingerprinting matches get some air time. Training and low standards a major focus.

One major issue in the fingerprinting world is how court testimony of these experts can mislead juries to expect mis-matches never occur.

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#Forensics: How DNA transfer is affected by “shedder” status. 

Any assumption that a DNA mixture can prove who was and wasn’t the perp gets clobbered in this study. Some people shed (i.e. leave) DNA more than others.

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