Forensics Canada: Bitemarkers run amok; Courts and DAs prefer case precedence over science.


This is a 50 page UBC Law Review narrative on the inadequacies of courts to recognize junk “forensic” experts. Battling Canadian bitemarkers leave a trail of exaggerated claims and criminal case law that is blind to scientific principles.




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Forensic Pathology: “Excited delerium“ excuse used in MN police restraint death of #GeorgeFloyd

Thurs. May 29, 2020. 6.30 pm PDT.

Today certain “qualified” talking heads in the media have copied the unfounded and rather illogical theory that is used in every police custody restraint death case as a defense. There is a medically noted condition that has been seen in emergency rooms which is associated with severe agitation, sweating, cardiac arythmias, drug use (in some cases), psychological disturbances and sudden death.

It is called a “syndrome.” That’s medical talk for a multiple series of symptoms that are considered to characterize a disease. They occur together, but they might not always have a definite cause. A well known forensic pathologist, probably 30 years ago, began to label police custody deaths associated with physical restraint used to subdue an uncooperative detainee as this syndrome. The MN death of Mr. Floyd is wrongly being explained as such, which all adds to the PR of the police defense against their current charges. We are witnessing a forensic mis-diagnosis when you hear its use in the media.

George Floyd showed none of these symptoms. This symptom-less mechanism of death only happens when police are present.

Im not the only one who has seen these preventable tragedies in the media.

Here are some links to how this junk expertise is used to condone police physical abuse and disregard for proper police procedures and human life.

How police can prevent what happened to Mr. Floyd. From a police procedural website. Mr. Floyed was killed from……

The federal National Institute of Justice has a four page document on retrainst asphyxia during police custody.

Click to access posasph.pdf

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Forensics: False accusers. A public defender in Manhattan says The Central Park video is all too familiar.

An ugly incident between a birdwatcher and dog walker shows there needs to be accountability for playing the privilege card.
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Forensics: Asylum-seeking women face myriad types of abuse.

The dangers are real. The politicians could care less.

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Forensics: DAs office in the “lynching” shooting of black man circled their wagons over recent bitemark exoneration

Read about how DAs still think bitemarks are scientific. Sheila Denton’s wrongful conviction came out of the same DA office which for 2 months said that unarmed Arbery’s murder was a “justifiable” shooting of a “suspected criminal.” What utter BS.

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The Innocence Files season 1, episode 2 recap: The Truth Will Defend Me

Forensics: Episode 2 of Netflix series The Innocence Files looks at the freeing of 2 innocent suspects, faulty bitemark evidence, and a prison with historical links to slavery.
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The Bundy dentist’s opinion in the 1979 trial would not be allowed in most US courts today. In those days, and even today in places like India, bitemarks were testified to as being as reliable as fingerprints. Dr. West callls himself a scientist. Beware!

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Forensics: Dangers of Facial Recognition platforms. A study

These programs are not “objective evidence” for police suspicion that you are a crook.

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Forensics: Corrected link in my last post.

Thanks to all who told me of this. Im doing these posts while completing many honey-do’s. 😎

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Forensics: Judge and DA both reject bitemarker expertise. Not the first rodeo for the ABFO dentist and his floundering dental colleagues of the American Academy of Forensic Science.

This judge is very clear that the original prosecutor’s use of a bitemarker’s opinion convicted an innocent woman.

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Forensics: Looking at bone diagenesis. Anthro science at its best. A re-evaluation of manner of death at Roman Herculaneum following the AD 79 eruption of Vesuvius | Antiquity | Cambridge Core

Opposition to this new method claim that the victims had their brains turned into glass. Really? “A re-evaluation of manner of death at Roman Herculaneum following the AD 79 eruption of Vesuvius” – Volume 94 Issue 373 – Rachelle Martyn, Oliver E. Craig, Sarah T.D. Ellingham, Meez Islam, Luciano Fattore, Alessandra Sperduti, Luca Bondioli, Tim Thompson
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Here is a bit more on the typical conflict between investigators advancing measurement techniques and those folks who just want to defend the claim of “glass brains” in the Herculaneum remains.

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Forensics: Statisticians win $20 million to address shoddy forensic science methods | Science | AAAS

Forensics is full of shoddy attitudes and presumption. Self policing lab opines is cloaked in hidden algorithms and 2 week training courses. This Funding will extend 5-year-old effort to make crime-solving techniques more rigorous
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