Forensics Canada: Bitemarkers run amok; Courts and DAs prefer case precedence over science.


This is a 50 page UBC Law Review narrative on the inadequacies of courts to recognize junk “forensic” experts. Battling Canadian bitemarkers leave a trail of exaggerated claims and criminal case law that is blind to scientific principles.




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Forensics: SCOTUS Opinion on Roe v Wade is ignoring science and Constitutional history.

The Court is ignoring science
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Forensics: NO IMMUNITY. Federal Appeals Court Rules that Louisiana Prosecutor and Police Officer Who Fabricated Evidence are Not Immune from Civil Rights Lawsuit by Former Death-Row Prisoner | Death Penalty Information Center

Michael Wearry , a Louisiana prisoner whose conviction and death sentence were overturned by the U.S Supreme Court in 2016 because prosecutors withheld…
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Forensics: 13 years later: Remains of Brittanee Drexel found in South Carolina, suspect charged

Remains found in a wooded area in South Carolina have been confirmed to belong to 17-year-old Brittanee Drexel, according to police.
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Forensics: 1/2 of women prisoners are indigenous. Senators call for exoneration of 12 Indigenous women who endured ‘systemic inequality’ in Canada’s criminal justice system

In a report released Monday, Senators Dawn Anderson, Yvonne Boyer and Kim Pate call for an exoneration of 12 Indigenous women, who they say have endured a pattern of discrimination, inequality and violence within the criminal justice system
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Forensics: Itel Dror called out bias in forensics. He’s been blasted by those he studied. The National Association of Medical Examiners.

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Forensics: Amateur sleuths. 1985 cold case cracked by unlikely duo

A cold case dating back 37 years, has now been cracked by a stay at home mom and a civilian who works for a metro Atlanta police department.
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Forensics: I wish they would take closeup pix of the dentition. Science Behind Identifying Human Remains

How UNLV anthropologist Jennifer Byrnes is helping improve training for forensic scientists.
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Forensics: Innocence Project’s M. Chris Fabricant On ‘Junk Science’

Read about M. Chris Fabricant’s book Junk Science and the “American Criminal Justice System.” Fabricant is director of strategic litigation at the Innocence Project.
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Forensics: NamUS cold case. Marlboro Cold Case: Who Is Man Found in Drum in Ravine?

A family living on the property discovered the steel drum on April 19 and notified local police a short time later.
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Forensics: Forensic Genealogists closing cold cases through your family tree

Cold Cases sitting in filing cabinets for years waiting for authorities to find the final piece of the puzzle. Fox San Antonio’s Yami Virgin investigates new technology and a new kind of detective is using DNA and family trees to help solve cases – many thought were unsolvable. Caption: SBG San Antonio -1994 Samantha Zublionis disappeared from Bexar county. The 17-year-old’s body was found days later in Frio county.
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