Forensics for Dummies: Some cops agree with dishonest DAs about bitemarks.

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The False Forensics Trail of Tears: John Kunco and the bitemarkers in Pennsylvania

When DNA is missed by law enforcement, DAs use the lies of bitemark advocates to convict. These dentists have known for decades that their bitemark testimony regarding human identification was unproven. They didn’t care in the John Junco 1991 conviction, and some still don’t care. Radley Balko’s new article says the bitemarkers are “unraveling.” Someone should tell the American Academy of Forensic Sciences to start paying attention.


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Hazards to Justice: False convictions and plea bargains

This author contrasts the criminal justice “system” with other societal systems in regards to accidents and mishaps. Plane crashes are studied much more than wrongful convictions and plea bargains.  Seems odd, but remember lawyers and judges cloak themselves with their “rules” and prior cases imposed by their peers.

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More judges and DAs bail on opportunity to exclude bitemarkers “identification” bogus opinions.

TrustForensicSci copy

Who ever said science and law have a common ground of knowledge? Not in this case and others still pending with lawyers arguing guilt is proven by practitioners of their unsubstantiated offerings of “medical certainty.”

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Forensics: Police infiltrating commercial DNA labs in 100s of manhunts

DNA Data From 100 Crime Scenes Has Been Uploaded To A Genealogy Website — Just Like The Golden State Killer

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Another exoneration from a bitemark conviction is pending. Court hearing next week.

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John Kunco in Pennsylvania has local and Innocence Project attorneys arguing for his release on May 23. His possible exoneration could bring the number of men released from false science testimony of  bitemarkers to 31 cases.

Backstory on Kunco.

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#Forensics: The usual forensic failures described : DAs don’t give much of a damn.

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Do you wonder how witchcraft and satanic children eating coven stories survive in this era of lies and misdemeanors and wrongful convictions?  This article pushes back against what’s coming out of the US WH and DOJ (and some DAs) spiel about  forensic reliability.

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Reliance on quality forensic testing continues to take hits in the UK.

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The government closed the FSS (national forensic science unit) in 2012. Privatizing forensics to commercial vendors resulted, which has led to various large scale scandals.

In a strange coincidence, the UK”S Forensic Regulator published in 2017 some extensive rules for forensic analysts. This article from early 2018 warns privatizing will “inevitably”  lead to “failing forensic science”  and miscarriages of justice.

Here are the words of the Forensic Regulator herself. 

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Here are 4 Ways The Crime Lab Can Frame You Includes Bitemarks as the 5th.

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A look at a lay person’s concerns about law enforcement’s reliance on false statements and forensics that’s not good enough for scientific approval, but very useful for gaining convictions.

Bitemarks, lie detectors, hair, partial fingerprints, evidence mishandling, incompetents and fraud.


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Sheriffs being Coroners get some heat in California

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The interplay of law enforcement and death investigations being under the same roof is a national problem. California is getting a dose of that in the news. It is a problem endemic throughout the US. Elected Coroners qualify with a high school diploma. Sheriffs get appointed via county and state politicians. The only physician Medical Examiners/Coroners are in Ventura, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Cop-Coroners a conflict of interest. 


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