Fingerprints: Using metal deposition to reveal palm and fingerprints on fabric

Early look at recognition and retrieval of hands and fingers using vacuum metal deposition.

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Not #Fake #News – Misleading forensics used in convictions – This time its in England

A brand new juried paper in @ScienceDirect on a 235 case metadata look at the evidentiary contents of “unsafe” convictions in Wales, and England. “Unsafe” is a Brit legal term that parallels “wrongful conviction” which is used in the US.

The authors’ compilation of multi-factors includes forensics and, besides having an exemplary list of references (many from the US), should be considered strikingly similar to prior efforts at compiling empirical  data on errors within Criminal Justice systems in the US and abroad.

Or, it may be just another part of the so-called conspiracy of criminal defense lawyers and LS profs who want to undermine public safety in order to reap millions of $$.

Wales and England

Here’s a short list of these prosecutorial-related naysayers producing Fake News that forensics is immune to faults, quacks, and fools.


Police crime lab directors

More fake news about wrongful convictions


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1986 Junk Science article Prosecutors love to use – Predicting and “Curing” Recidivism

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Much like using the 1978 revelation that bitemarks “convicted” serial killer Ted Bundy, this September 12th, 2017 article tracks the origins of another forensic myth still in effect in sexual offender  punishment masquerading as “therapy’ in Wisconsin.

When Junk Science About Sex Offenders Infects the Supreme Court

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Making a Joke about Forensic “matches” – John Oliver speaks out – Serious facts

Talking about the “CSI Effect” of “perfect matching” versus the science-lacking truth in use in reality. My bitemark buddies are prominant cast members.

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Another exoneree gets thrown out onto the streets without assistance

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Broke and no ID. The unsung generosity of the Innocence Network comes to the surface once again.

Rather than getting government and public assistance if he had been guilty, this exonerated man just got released after 15 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted. Onto the street. Probably at night.

Also as usual, the defense team who fought for his freedom take on the task of taking care of him.

This is disgusting neglect and is repeatedly the case in the US and other nations. (This next link has some annoying pop-ups.)

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Advanced Forensic Nursing training in Pennsylvania – Not Phleboto-Cops


Specialized nursing training to provide care for victims of violent crime and forensic investigations. On-the-job training is not sufficient.  If you can believe it, some police agencies train officers to collect biological evidence from patients. Unbelieveable. They’re called Phleboto-Cops.

Here is the recent outrageous police union response to the Utah ER nurse arrest by a cop who is (uhh, was) a phlebot0-cop within the hospital. 

Scroll down for the Duquesne U infographic.

The college-based nursing Masters program at Duquesne University. 

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Bad digital forensics dust up in the UK – “Cops rip off company’s hacking program”

Image result for digital forensic evidence

The area of police investigating digital evidence used one company’s proprietary cracking program and staff at the peak of their success. Until the police took the program public and put it on the Internet.

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Fabric “matching” overwhelming DNA testing leads to execution gurney in Texas

Image result for untested evidence

Another story about lazy forensics sending defendants to the death chamber. DNA testing be damned, the police ‘science’ creates a unique match.

Inmate scheduled for execution. 

By Jordan Smith

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Fingerprint documentation of findings seems alot better than the bitemarkers

Using digital record keeping of the fingerprint characters observed during a comparison certainly exceeds what the bitemarkers have in their “guidelines.” Most case law allowing bitemarks into courts have the dentists declaring that bitemarks are like fingerprints.

Usually all they do is talk about gaps between teeth and tooth chips being “unique.” Adding to that, customarily they never takes “notes” and avoid doing measurement methods available since 2000.

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Look at the ‘Individualization Fallacy in Forensic Science Evidence’ -The Classic Article

This should be required reading in forensic courses and law schools. Even if the @NDAAJustice DAs lack the academic capacity to understand some of it, they should read it too. In 22 pages, it provides a contemporary forensic history lesson, and critical thinking coaching on the definitions and details forensic science advance. It is co-equal in time and context with the NAS Report on Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States (2009) which the AAFS BOD recently reiterated its support.  

Saks and Koehler (2009) Individuation Fallacy in Forensic Science Evidence SSRN-id1432516

PS, I’m honored to have been cited in both the NAS Report_Odontology: pages 173-177 and Saks and Koehler (footnotes 77 and 88).

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