Forensics: What’s wrong with crime labs = DC mayor defends crime lab but says she wants issues ‘fully investigated’

What the heck does a mayor know about forensics? Politics, police and forensics is a hot mess of conflicts and agendas.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said she wants concerns about the operations of the District’s Department of Forensic Sciences “fully investigated” after a national oversight board temporarily suspended the lab’s accreditation to perform forensic testing.
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Forensics: Estimates and Projections of COVID-19 and Parental Death in the US | Child Development | JAMA

Ive read that over 2 million have lost grandparents and other relatives to covid. Horrendous. The believers that “only 1% died” are idiots. Absolutely junk “experts.”

This study estimates the expected number of affected children for each COVID-19 death.
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Forensic Pathology: Expert Chauvin Defense Witness Faces Lawsuit Over Death of Black Teenager in Police Custody

Expect the “excited delerium” cliche to be heavily misused. “Positional asphyxia” from the back and neck compression, and resulting oxygen deprivation (hypoxia) are the causes of George Floyd’s cardiac arrythmia death.

David Fowler, Maryland’s former chief medical examiner, is being sued for civil rights violations by the family of Anton Black.
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Forensics: Coverup penalties. National forensics board suspends accreditation of District’s crime lab

The DC lab has been hiding things. ANSI accreditation has teeth. All its units have been shutdown. This lab is seriously compromised. 10 years ago it was praised for its independence from police management.

The lab’s DNA unit temporarily suspended its analysis in 2016 following questions by examiners
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Forensics: Suspect discarded his covid mask after a police interview. ‘JURY CONVICTS VIOLENT CHILD RAPIST WHOSE IDENTITY WAS DISCOVERED FROM DNA’

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Forensics: Hurray for Ernie Jackson! Forensic odontologist called in to help identify skeletal remains

Ernie goes back as far as I do in forensic odont. A real standout. He is the first board certified Black US forensic dentist.

Here is a video interview with Ernie talking about a recent case.

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Forensics: “Excited delerium” strategy in the #GeorgeFloyd trial. It a common police tactic in custody deaths. Here are the medical facts.

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Forensics: Integrity unit efforts gets results. Michigan had 2nd highest number of wrongful conviction exonerations in 2020

Twenty people wrongfully convicted of crimes in Michigan were exonerated last year.
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Forensics: The death truck: how a solution to Mexico’s morgue crisis created a new horror

The long read: How did a lorry carrying 273 dead bodies end up stranded on the outskirts of Guadalajara?
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Forensics: US covid misinformation still runs on national “news” media

These jokers praised “the former president” for his genius and sex appeal. Now they want to keep killing us with more lies.

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