Forensics: Covid19 coverup in Florida. Death stats muted by Governor deSantis redacting efforts.

This governor is a notorious dumbass.

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Forensics: Notorious bitemark expert in Netflix documentary has a few words about his “science.”

The ex DA Forrest Allgood claims his “feelings” made him ignore the similarities of the multiple child murders in his jurisdiction. The “feeling” include his using a statement from a 7 year year old. He calls it “circumstantial evidence” of Kennedy Brewer’s guilt.

Dr. West plays the victim game. He says in a recent statement that the New York lawyers made him look bad and don’t tell the truth. He has always claimed that the DNA results from post conviction investigation is meaningless to his expert opinions.

West has openly attacked some of the New Yorkers’ religious affiliations during his attendance at recent court proceedings. He does not like a certain California dentist either.

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Forensics: More forensic trash from AAFS-certified bitemark experts

As Ive said before, the bitemarkers still teaching their voodoo at the AAFS meetings have helped convict innocent citizens. Some of them have racked up more than one.

Read about another recent case.


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Forensics: Trump, the USDoJ and prosecutors have put a clamp on forensic science reform.

This article reveals how the reemergence of status quo government control of scientific review has overwhelmed state and US efforts to eradicate junk and outdated forensic practices.

Dan Delgar at the NY Innocence Project explains how the effect of forensic quackery puts people on death row. Way to go Dana!

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Forensics: Dentist Board certified by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences has opinion rejected by US judge and Prosecutor

The US based AAFS still allows these dentists to teach bitemark identification at its annual convention. Many of these dentists have wrongful convictions on their records. Some of them refuse to release their historical records for new review. This dental board destroyed much of its archives before the Innocence Project was given access via a lawsuit.

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Forensics: China’ look at #chloroquinone as a cure. Its a no go folks.

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Forensics: junk science leading the scams about #COVID-19 “cure.”

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Forensics: More Coronavirus grifting by Trump: Germany tries to stop US luring away firm seeking vaccine

Im sure Der Cheeto plans to get his kids to control the market. Berlin is trying to stop Washington from persuading a German company seeking a coronavirus vaccine to move its research to the United States.
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Forensics: When politicians run the show. FUBAR. President Trump closed the White House pandemic office. I ran it. – The Washington Post

The federal government is moving too slowly, due to a lack of leadership.
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Forensics: Florida’s House passes forensic analysis reform for convicted felons

This bill forces the state to access the police national DNA database when post conviction forensic testing reveals an unknown profile. HB 7077 would make forensic tests more accessible to convicted felons.
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