DNA swabs during arrest not expunged and survive to skew database stats

DNA collected at arrest often not removed from crime databases for those not convicted

“Once you enter the system, you can never leave……”


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A Bravo for Christina Cattanero, leading identification expert for Euro migrants

Giving Dead Migrants a Name

By pushing forensics to its limits, a courageous scientist is attempting to identify the badly decomposed remains of 700 people who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea

Nearly unspeakable. 20,000 dead in 10 years. This anthropologist still shows up to possibly identify them. She receives too little acclaim.


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Another FBI “standard, reliable, trusted” method goes haywire – Profilers

If you wonder how accurate criminal profiling actually is, just read this LA Times article about the myths surrounding it’s admission into criminal courts. Ole US DOJ has long “accepted” whatever these people come up with regarding perps. The next-gen of profiling will be database AI analysts “predicting” criminal behavior. 


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DOJ certifies Junk ‘science’ as……….”standard, trusted, reliable”

Try this for Dep AG Rosenstein painting forensics with a very broad brush.

This would never work in the health science community, but that’s obviously of no concern to the lawyers running forensics for the US Department of Justice.

He is speaking in front of a predominate police controlled and police validated forensic group that debunked the PCAST forensics report last November. 

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Holtzclaw case points to the misuse and mis information of DNA evidence


Image result for touch dna

Add this case to the list of fundamental problems associated with crime lab related determinations of DNA profiling that, as in this case, are misinterpreted in favor of guilt. The alternatives were never brought forth by defense counsel.

A significant leader in the development of DNA’s use in the US criminal justice system describes details of these issues.


Links to other case and discussion about “touch DNA” dangers in police evidence collection and interpretation.



DNA collection from firearms.

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Another glimpse at how the Fed ignores scientific proofs – Arson and the ATF

Image of a chemical fire being tested in a lab

Here is a long-standing federal agency, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, basking in their scientifically outdated historical about arson caused fires. They use a “process of elimination” theory of criminal actions. Others call it old fashioned and biased.


One must realize that ATF provides training modules for international. state and local law enforcement and prosecutors. All of this is reminiscent of the FBI’s hair matching bunch disseminated their scientifically rejected methods for decades. Here’s some links.







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Reversal of Conviction started Statute of Limitations for Federal Wrongful Claim?

Image result for unjust prosecution

Sent back for a new trial after being released from prison because of prosecutorial  misconduct, the defendant gets barred from suing the prosecutor and cops over his original incarceration.

Judge dismisses wrongful imprisonment suit against former Blount County prosecutor and detective _ News _ thedailytimes

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Fours years of suspicion and interrogations, film-maker excluded by better DNA Testing

Image result for idaho falls police logo

Here is the 48 Hours look at Michael Usry Carol Dodge as having become prime suspects in a cold murder case from Idaho. Ancestry.com had something to do with it, of course. 

Here is what just came out from the Idaho police about Usry and Dodge.

Press Release_DNA Report Clears Usry Family of Involvement in Angie Dodge Case_2

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5 years later. Lynn Peavey field testing a joke. Ex CIA couple get visited by SWAT.

Image result for tea leaves

A federal appellate panel goes positive for a prior dismissed civil suit by this finest example of why police should not do their own forensic testing let alone manage forensic evidence. .

Appeals court rages against police bumbling and lie filled drug raid. 

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Roundup of Science vs Trumpism over the Last 6 Months

Image result for polluted water

This is a pretty good short look. It covers:

  • Running science out of his administration.
  • Health and environment
  • Closing the public’s door to scientific data.

It starts with Trump/Sessions dumping the National Commission on Forensic Science.

Assaulting science

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