Forensics: More evidence of incompetent child abuse “experts” who jail innocent parents. #pseudoforensicscience

Can’t these dolts read a medical history?

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Forensics: Trumps DNA is the center point in 1990’s rape accusation embedded in defamation lawsuit. 

Delaying justice is a common tactic throughout his administration.

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Forensics: 1984 murder charge of crime labber now described as lab error. 

Those DAs in San Diego are relentless. They’ve ignored this for decades. Crime lab guy suicided before trial. DNA never lies. Right?

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Forensics: Real perps go free after false convictions

A look at how prosecutors and cops play deaf and dumb after innocent defendants are exonerated.

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Forensics: A nurse practitioner and a MD. Another horror story from the bruise pattern experts.

A6F2FA84-9B42-4AE7-9548-45A532E6B8EAThis comes out of Milwaukee WI. Two married docs. Adopting a baby. A visit to the ER. Then the Inquisition started. Falsified records, a bitemarker-like MD who lectures about “saving the children,” inept child abuse advocates, and a reporter who did his job.

The above image is from a internet available slide series. The lecturer was a post grad at the hospital where this case originated. A recognized contributor to this was the MD who coined a term “sentinel injuries” of child abuse which is merely a substitute for “preexisting.” Here is that 2013 article. She is also mentioned in the above case.


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Forensics: Despite failed field tests, UK police praise facial IDs from street cams.

Here’s a quick look at police “cart before the horse” attitudes on forensics.

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Forensics: Lie detector flimflam in the US 🤯

No better than guessing. Still in use by you know who.

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Forensics: After $220M spent the DC crime lab has ongoing ills

The DC lab was founded in 2012 as independent from cops. That lasted abt a year when the cops took it back. See how that has turned out.

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Forensics: How a one week training course can make you a blood pattern expert. Bitemarkers do it in 2 days.

Judges still can’t figure out what is junk testimony. Take a look at the history of the spatter experts rise to fame. The bite people only needed Ted Bundy to become famous crime-fighters.

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Forensics: Murderous felines devour human remains at research site.

I always wondered what happened to granny. 💀😾

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