Forensics: The FBI should listen to this. We’re talking about hair the wrong way : Short Wave : NPR

Humans have scalp hair. But why is human scalp hair so varied? Biological anthropologist Tina Lasisi wanted to find out. And while completing her PhD at Penn State University, she developed a better system for describing hair — rooted in actual science. To hear more from Tina, check out these webinars: Why Care About Hair ( and How Hair Reveals the Futility of Race Categories ( And to dive deep into Tina’s research, we recommend her paper, The constraints of racialization: How classification and valuation hinder scientific research on human variation (
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Forensics: Gabby Petito update: FBI’s decision to hold victim’s remains, cause of death ‘very unusual,’ Dr. Baden says

Two weeks since Gabby Petito was revealed to have been the victim of a homicide, famed forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden told Fox News the FBI’s decision to withhold her remains from her family was “very unusual,” as was the agency’s decision not to release the cause of her death when the manner was announced.
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Forensics: “Self-proclaimed bitemark expert” getting sued. Wrongfully convicted former death row inmate is suing Tampa Police officers who allegedly framed him | Blogs

Richard Souviron is a founding-father of the American Board of Forensic Odontology. Many of his peers have been sued by those wrongfully convicted through their claims of “scientific” accuracy. This case shows the degree of cognitive bias exhibited in their attitudes and practices.

A man who spent 37 years in prison after the Tampa Police Department falsified evidence against him is now suing four TPD officers and an…
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Forensics: Now her descendants want compensation from this hospital and others. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Big bucks.

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Forensics: Despite lower court opines, Justice Minister rejects compensation to mother following wrongful conviction for killing her newborn – NZ Herald

Whatta joke. This judge has discretion but stretches his reasoning as “serving justice” for the greater good.

Terri Friesen’s ex-partner confessed to being the actual offender and was jailed in 2002.
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Forensics: Are vaccine mandates “constitutional?”

Let’s say yes. Listen to Jennifer Oliva. “General law” applied by SCOTUS decades ago. Short podcast.

It’s Special Edition Saturday on October 2nd, 2021 with…
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Forensics: ‘“Nobody will tell me the truth’ | Man’s death pinned on cougar attack; wildlife experts say there’s no way

Sounds about right for TX. Texas Rangers, a justice of the peace, a Sheriff, medical examiner chaos, and evidence rotting in the storage locker.

The Texarkana Gazette is the premier source for local news and sports in Texarkana and the surrounding Arklatex areas.
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Forensics: Crime scene investigation. Jan. 6 rioters targeted Capitol’s unreinforced windows

Two windows and two doors used by Jan. 6 rioters were among only a few that weren’t reinforced during a Capitol security upgrade that started in 2017.
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Forensics: The Nuclear ‘Demon Core’ That Killed Two Scientists – Atlas Obscura

New Mexico dodged a bullet from this one. Their attitudes abt vax and max, not so lucky.

After World War II ended, physicists kept pushing a plutonium core to its edge.
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Unvaccinated medical examiner forces Rensselaer County’s autopsies to change venue

What in the holy hell?

The Capital Region’s best known pathologist won’t get COVID-19 shot, moving Rensselaer…
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